Bring monochrome spaces to life with mosaic floors and bright linens. Seek inspiration from the pared back interiors of Mateus, Goa

A restored dilapidated mansion, Mateus in Goa has deftly fused the elegance of its old school interiors with modern comforts.

Every room has a different theme, but they are tied together through the use of antique wooden furniture. To bring the look home, you can opt for wood in different finishes to give each room a character of its own, while maintaining cohesion throughout your home.

Features of mosaic tiles, whether on the floor or walls, can come in handy if you’re looking at adding a pop of colour in your room. If you’re looking at creating differentiated areas in the same space, without the use of physical partitions, using different tiling can help you out.

Light drapes and bedding can give your room a warm and cosy look. The lack of loud colours and prints ensures that there are no distractions and you can get a good night’s rest. But there’s a workaround to this too – add a patterned bed runner or a printed panel at the base of your drapes for a subtle infusion of colour.


Written By: Batul Netterwala

Contributing Writer

2 May 2018

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