Mama Shelter, Paris

A peek into the boho-chic hotel in Paris where grunge meets glamour

Designed by the legendary Philippe Starck, known for his tongue-in-cheek designs, Mama Shelter located in Eastern Paris is quite un-hotel-like or anything Starck. But that is until you step in. The interiors are a maze of colours, prints, shiny acrylic and quirky accessories giving enough proof why this place is such a hit.

There’s a sensory overload but there’s also this feeling of wonderment it’s a treasure trove of inspiration for the home. A chalkboard painted ceiling with graphic illustrations, a row of backlit acrylic storage system that holds everything one may need and looks stylish too, and a combination of seating, plush sofas paired with community tables. 

The rooms are finished with exposed cement walls and come equipped with a tiny kitchenette. The illustrations are carried well into the rooms, either in the form of rugs on the floor or wall art. 

Much like our homes, Mama Shelter is more than just a place to eat and sleep. It is an experience that is cemented by new encounters and the spirit of sharing.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

30 November 2016

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