La Folie Lab, Mumbai

A quick look at the monochrome, industrial decor of Mumbai's newest dessert lab

Think patisseries and you have some major pastel love coming your way. (Read about Patisseries we love here). But not at La Folie Lab located in suburban Mumbai. While at the heart of it, it is a patisserie; it is also, as the name suggests, a place where culinary experiments play an integral part. Much like an open kitchen, a wooden bar top runs along the periphery of this functional atelier with a stone oven in the centre.

A departure from the pastels, the interiors is defined by an industrial palette. Finished in grey and white with hints of wood and steel, it dons the shrug of a lab rather well. What we love the most though are the tabletops cast in cement placed outside along side the vertical garden.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

13 January 2017

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