Home in the hills

Local craftsmanship meets contemporary design at this beautifully appointed villa in Paro Valley in Bhutan

What do you say about a country that measures its GDP not through economics but through happiness? Little wonder then, that some of the most beautiful properties tucked in the crevices of this mountain country evokes nothing but pure joy; Like the Como Uma Paro in Paro Valley.

Built with handcrafted stone, wood and tiles, the villas have a distinctively Bhutanese feel, complete with wood panelling on walls, columns and flooring. It’s as though someone has carefully nurtured this space as his or her own home. Furniture painted with flowers by local artists, Indian cotton bedcovers with hand-stitched patterns paying homage to Bhutan’s Buddhist culture and colours, and hand-knotted rugs from Nepal give it a definite character.

Our favourite spot if you ask, will have to be the little patch of happiness outside the villa blooming with azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and hydrangeas.


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