Home Hotel, Buenos Aires

This chic, boutique hotel could easily pass off as a stylishly put together home

There’s something about a boutique hotel that we can’t quite resist, much like an impish grin. They are the ones with swag but also enough charm to make you feel right at home. It’s possibly what we find the most striking about the Home Hotel in Buenos Aires. Patricia O’Shea and Tom Rixton’s property defines it, beginning with the name itself.

It’s a hip hotel no doubt but it feels more like a chic, urban home. Vintage wallpaper (read about our favourite wallpapers here), bespoke furniture, white walls, wooden flooring, and lots and lots of greenery indoors make it the perfect place to put your feet up. It’s like walking in to your friend’s home, an extremely stylish one at that, where every little detail has been thought of, including the llama wool blankets and crisp linens. And for the design enthusiasts among us, there’s original George Nelson desk, 1926 French wallpaper, Florence Knoll sofas and a selection of their personal art on the walls.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

10 December 2018

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