Home away from home, Scarlette

Scarlette in New Delhi offers an inviting, lived-in space that you might just mistake for a friend's tastefully styled apartment

If one had to imagine marrying French minimalism with Delhi’s laidback pace, Scarlette would be the lovechild out of that union. French national Pauline Bijvoet lived in Delhi for close to seven years and came up with the idea of creating a space that would feel like home, and serve as a charming bed and breakfast space. All the décor and furniture pieces in Scarlette have been collected by her over the course of her years in Delhi.  The décor is tasteful yet spare. The original chip mosaic flooring has been retained. Dog-eared books lie on the bookshelves while vintage prints of Indian gods line the stark white walls.

The soft furnishings peppered around the interiors use hues of bright blues and whites, giving a spacious, airy feel.  

What we love is the styling of the rooms, which are personal enough to feel like you are living in a close friend’s elegant home while still offering the benefits of a B&B. The rooms look like something out of an Airbnb ad, promising quiet and peace among soft, downy pillows while being located in the center of Delhi. Comfortable mattresses line the main section of the house, allowing people to sit and soak in the sun during the day. 


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