Halcyon House, Australia

Halcyon House on Cabarita Beach, New South Wales, promises the comfort of a home with 5 star services

The surfer motel was turned into a luxury hotel by Siobhan and Elisha Bickle, Adam Flaskas, and Dave Wadley in 2011. The 21 room, two suite property was redesigned by native architect Virginia Kerridge while the interiors were the work of another Australia based interior designer Anna Spiro.

The serene white exteriors are contrasted by airy interiors covered in summery prints. Take a cue from their vibrant suites to drench your bedroom in colourful patterns. The minimally decorated rooms feature basic necessities such as bed, side tables and lamps. The massive arching windows frame a view reminiscent of the Caribbean with cerulean skies and swishing palm trees. What gives these rooms a homely vibe are the framed images of roads, mountains and other vistas along with some pop-prints. You can use the same idea to make a custom wall with photographs of places you have visited or even family photos.

Each room and suite has a unique aesthetic. The walls, upholstered in fabric sourced from England, enclose vintage American pieces such as sofas from John Derian, rugs by Madeline Weinrib and drawings by Wayne Pate. A handpicked team of workers including lamp shade makers and furniture restorers were engaged to make the objets d’art come alive.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


29 September 2017

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