Gatsby’s Landing

Take a trip to the ‘20s as you walk into this elegant restaurant

Books have always played an influential role in our lives. They provide an escape unlike any other and can be counted on for inspiration in all walks of life, including design. Tucked cosily between two buildings in Roslyn, New York is Gatsby’s Landing. This quaint eatery is inspired by the worlds brought to life by the author’s words so you wouldn’t be amiss if the restaurant’s name paints a picture of fantastic opulence.

The simple, unpretentious exterior belies the exquisite interiors. Rich navy walls set the tone for the regal design envisioned by local design agency SALT headed by Evan Bauer and John Hooper. The deep tone is complemented with warm leather chairs while the brass and glass light fixtures double up as accents.

You can adopt this idea in your house as well, pairing light coloured furniture with dark hued walls to balance the mood. Instead of polished, shimmering brass fixtures, you could opt for lights with a slightly oxidised finish as well.

SALT also custom designed the wallpaper featured in the private dining room overlooking the Roslyn Pond whereas the main dining room features an open plan platform that infuses the energy of the kitchen into the space.

We admire the thoughtful use of quotes from F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby that seem to inject a personal touch into the area.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


18 September 2017

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