Fable, Mumbai

Take a walk in this wondrous, fairy tale inspired décor at Fable, a new restaurant in Mumbai

This is every book lovers dream. If you ever needed ideas on how to use your books differently as décor elements in your home, look no further. Fable, located in Juhu, Mumbai, designed by Minnie Bhatt Design is equal parts fantasy and whimsy.

The elements seem to have been borrowed from a storybook. You will find lampshades clustered together to make for a gorgeous chandelier, a trellis with plates at the far end while a lamp fashioned on stack of books marks the entry to the inside section of the restaurant.  Yellowing pages of a book have been plastered across the wall to give it a vintage feel, whereas the illustrations on it complete the picture, quite literally. 

The interiors are whitewashed with bursts of colour in the form of upholstery, patterned tiles and not to mention, the tonnes of books. There are a whole bunch of ideas if you look around – from books on the walls, to mismatched chairs for seating, add to that hand illustrated table tops. It’s a lesson in how to work with a theme without going overboard. As for us, this seems like a perfect place to look for inspiration for creating our new library.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

30 November 2016

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