Dorset Square Hotel, London

The Regency townhouse draws inspiration from the world of cricket to infuse a typical English feel

Snuggled in a garden that would have otherwise been the first Lord’s stadium in London, Dorset Square Hotel by Tim and Kit Kemp is housed in a stunning Regency townhouse. The 38-bedroom retreat has interiors designed by Kit himself, who worked with striking patterns and vivid shades to create an individual design identity for each room.

The newly renovated space also features artwork and memorabilia related to the game of cricket. What’s more, those who love the sport can browse through their extensive collection of bats and tiny balls used as doorknobs throughout.

The architecture of the place is reflected in the smart use of colours to highlight the significance and age of the Regency building. One can see shades like ointment pink, heritage green and burnt sienna in the drawing room. The hallways, lined with custom made wallpaper inspired by a '50s French botanical school poster, lead to rooms decorated with antiques.

The hotel is situated in Marylebone and has bathrooms made in granite, oak and glass, free standing showers and bathrobes. In order to pamper and indulgence guests, it is equipped with bespoke Miller Harris bath products. Not only can you lounge around in your bed all day in front of the large widescreen, but also avail of Kit’s special assortment of self-care items called Rik Rak comprising body washes, lotions, hand creams etc.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


26 September 2017

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