Casa Na Tempo

The interiors of Casa Na Tempo offer a calm, meditative vibe

Designed by well known architect Manuel Aires Mateus, the interiors of Casa Na Tempo offer sparsely furnished stark rooms that bring you a calm, meditative vibe. Casa Na Tempo is part of the group that also owns the Casas Na Areia, Cavalos Na Areia, Cabanas No Roi and Santa Clara 1728. We have featured Casas Na Areia before here.

The floors of this boutique hotel have been paved with local clay blocks that can be heated in the winter. The structure was designed in a way that allowed for the outdoors to come streaming in. A fully equipped kitchen is integrated in a large marbled structure, which is open to the dining area with a huge window that overlooks a cosy swimming pool. The lounge with its white sofas offers a calm, meditative vibe. Handmade tiles complete the pared down look. If you are looking for inspiration for your vacation home, you need to look no further.


Written By: Bindu Nair


24 March 2017

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