Bujera Fort, Udaipur

Add a royal and extravagant touch to your home with décor ideas from Bujera Fort, Udaipur

Bujera Fort in Udaipur with its roof of 76,000 handmade terracotta pots cuts a figure of royalty and elegance. Its interiors however, take a more restrained approach with monochromatic themes, use of classic materials and period furniture.

Creating pockets of prints in a room can add an interesting visual element. Apart from printed drapes and linens, you could also consider patterned upholstery and rugs as well.

While marble may have fallen out of favour as a material to use in the bathroom, now is a good time to bring it back in. You don’t have to cover your walls and floor with it entirely, small doses of it will also do – a marble shelf or counter will do the trick.

Metallic wall sconces or even pendant lamps can elevate the décor of your room, without being too bold. For your bedroom, consider a four-poster bed. It could have a contemporary or traditional design, keeping in mind the larger design aesthetic in your house. To truly feel like a royal, you can hang light, cotton drapes from the frame.


Written By: Batul Netterwala

Contributing Writer

2 May 2018

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