A beach holiday, Beach Symphony

 This earthy resort in Kerala will give you serious quit-the-city daydreams

There’s not much one needs when you’re at the beach. Swaying palm trees, the soothing waves, sand and a place that almost feels like home. A Beach Symphony, close to Marari Beach in Kerala’s Alleppey district is a perfect example of all that you really need at the beach. The owners of this charming boutique hotel, Christel & Jan Arryn relocated to India from Belgium some years ago after many years of experience in the hospitality business there.

We love the traditional Kerala handcrafted woodwork in the suites, and simple touches like bamboo blinds (to keep the glaring sun out) give you an existential sense of being grateful for the things that really matter. If we were sitting at this resort right now, we wouldn’t really ask for much. Except for some more coconut water, we think. 


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