1 place we would like to be at Christmas

Fancy meeting Santa at his office? We certainly do, at Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, which is not only home to the Santa Claus Village but also his office

Come December and you will find us fixing ourselves hot cocoa by the tubful, reading a book and enjoying the winter sun; Spending each day as if it were a holiday. Add to that, our favourite Christmas playlist, that gets us in the holiday mood. But this is now. As kids, we wanted nothing more than having our fill of the gingerbread house, writing notes to Santa, and then waiting for Christmas Eve to open the presents from him. What a magical time it was, even with living in the concrete jungle as we were, to imagine a world of snow capped mountains, reindeers and Santa riding on a sledge. Or the green-capped elves working fastidiously to ensure all of us got our gifts on time.

And as we grew up, the myth may have crumbled but the magic never did go away. Ever since, we have had Rovaniemi, situated in Finnish Lapland on our go-to list for Christmas. This is where the Santa Claus Village is, which also is home to his office. You will find Santa here every single day, in his wooden log house like office, which is overflowing with letters from every part of the world. And if this is not incentive enough, Rovaniemi is this wondrous little place with snow capped fir trees, twinkling lights and reindeers all around. Maybe that’s why they say, Christmas is not a season; it’s a feeling.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

1 December 2018

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