This Bengaluru home is both elegant and whimsical

Bright colours, bold prints and quirky patterns come together effortlessly in Avilasha Barooah’s Bengaluru home

As soon as you enter you know this house is not going to follow a tried-and-tested path - you are welcomed with a full-sized mirror and a tan-leather-and-metal stool, repurposed from a bicycle in the entryway. Not to mention a staircase that isn’t a staircase; it’s a shelf masquerading as one. Step further inside and you see a space full of disparate elements that exist in effortless accord.

It’s Black, It’s White
The black-and-white stripes running uninterrupted across the living room walls, a large industrial bar that looks absolutely and comfortably at home, and unusual pairings of colours and textures make it clear that Barooah has fearlessly ventured where most people don’t, experimenting her way into creating a home that refuses falling into a type.

Bold use of colour, bolder patterns, a mix of forms and an inventive streak were behind the eclectic living area that includes the foyer and dining area. The sharp black-and-white walls make for a striking backdrop for the soft lines of a velvet couch, the industrial vibe of the centre table and the eclecticism of the many accessories in the space. A teakwood dining table in siren red is surrounded by transparent Ghost chairs and an antique teakwood bench.

Expect the Unexpected
In the kitchen, Barooah goes subdued, choosing a monochromatic, subtle grey on the cabinets and walls. Colour makes an appearance in interesting pops: through art, a patterned-tile backsplash and a bright yellow Tolix chair. An extension of this very vibrant kitchen, the dry area, which houses her balcony, is reminiscent of a retro Laundromat, complete with metallic, locker-style cabinet and quirky art. Whimsy extends full throttle in Barooah’s study, which also doubles as a media room and a home office space. Here, she has opted for a bright-orange ceiling overseeing a space that has a cantilevered wooden shelf incarnated as a table, a collection of curios and a lone bright yellow Tolix chair.

Each room in this apartment has a strong identity, quirky character and offers an insight into its homeowner—someone who is ever ready to experiment.

Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Photography By: Prachi Damle


27 June 2019

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