Sushant Singh Rajput’s home is the ultimate bachelor pad with its combination of robust colours and rugged finishes

We all want our home to be a reflection of who we are, an extension of our dreams and ambitions, our safe landing. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s home is all of this and more. His house, located in a high-rise in Mumbai, is a collection of all his favourite things – be it the model Maserati on his shelf or the giant telescope looking out of a window in his living room.

“I remember when I was actually making a decision of getting this house, I was shooting for a movie in Budapest.  And I saw the video there and decided to get the house,” says Sushant.

He calls his living room “the time travelling room” and a quick glance will tell you why. Artefacts from different time periods and locations hold their own in this space. Framed vintage photographs rest alongside hand-painted Bollywood movie posters in one corner while a barbuta finds place next to a state of the art Meade 600 telescope.

From wanting to be an astronaut and a pilot to studying engineering and finally deciding on acting, Sushant was just any other kid with several ambitions. And his home is testament to all his childhood dreams and hopes, especially the home theatre, which he has lovingly decorated with all his inspirations – framed photographs of his visit to NASA (in uniform, no less!), model airplanes from his pilot phase and of course it is here that he spends hours binge-watching movies.

The home is summed up perfectly by Sushant, “It’s a mix of everything, a concoction of my thoughts.” So, take a cue from his home to pepper your space with everything you hold dear, after all, the home is where the heart is.


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