Sravanthi Koduru’s Hyderabad home fuses traditional elements with modern functionality

Reimagined by Mumbai based architect Sandesh Prabhu, Sravanthi’s 40 year old home gets a new lease on life with traditional prints, antique furniture and rustic accessories – all with a chic, modern twist

At first glance, you’d never be able to guess that Sravanthi Koduru’s house, sitting in a lush, landscaped plot of 20,000 sq. ft in Hyderabad is around 40 years old. This is in large part due to the French doors, which envelope the living areas of this 8,500 sq. ft house, imbuing the entire structure with a uniquely modern edge. In fact, this was the first of many changes that the Mumbai-based architect, Sandesh Prabhu, made to the house. “There was hardly any light coming in through the smaller windows that were built previously. To let the natural light in and to merge the interiors with the outdoors, we had to fit in big glass doors,” recalls Prabhu.

Open spaces and friendship
In a city where open spaces are a rare occurrence, Prabhu wanted to take full advantage of the verdant landscape surrounding the house. He wanted the four occupants – Koduru, her husband and their two kids – to enjoy the greenery, so he ensured all the bedrooms opened up onto the balcony. Consequently, the L-shaped balcony running around the first floor was sectioned off to give everyone private access from their own room. The home also has many spaces which were created purely with the intention of being used for entertaining. Consequently, Koduru’s home has become somewhat of a social hub.

Fusing nostalgia and contemporary design
This is the house Koduru grew up in, and hence she has an incredibly strong attachment to it. While having a vast trove of memories associated with each room, she wanted to make sure it stayed modern and fresh. The inspiration for this came from Turiya Villa, a Goan property developed by Prabhu. This can be observed in the use of bright colour; splashes of yellow in the bathroom, a turquoise staircase and Moulin Rouge-esque pink in the living room. All of these intoxicating shades breathe life into the home, while antiques placed in most of the corners and atop of mantels remind Koduru of her roots. The idea was to retain the soul of the house and so Prabhu used chettinad flooring and IPS throughout the six-bedroom house.

Having met Sravanthi, it’s clear that the house is a reflection of her personality – open, warm, friendly and inviting. So much so that her home has now become an oasis for her friends and the primary venue of her book reading club!

Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Prachi Damle


8 August 2019

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