Rana Daggubati’s Hyderabad home is an extension of his personality, and is filled with family heirlooms, souvenirs and an enviable collection of books

“I was exposed to stories at a very young age, when I was around five or six” says Rana Daggubati. “I like them in any format – comic book, animated, illustration, movie or book.” So, it’s no surprise then that Rana’s sprawling home in Hyderabad looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy, with an equally breathtaking view, one which everyone has access to from their own rooms.

Built at an elevation, the all-white house is easy to spot from a distance too. It’s a home he shares with his parents and siblings, which he counts as one of his many blessings. His home is rife with memorabilia and travel finds, a department that everyone contributes to. Much like any household, the living room is the focus of all major activities – and is planned that way too. The room occupies the entire lower level of the house and has been smartly sectioned to accommodate various activities – be it reading, movie-binging and even entertaining at home. Often, you will find Rana huddled up with his books in the reading section, which is slightly elevated from the movie corner.

When not reading scripts, Rana loves tinkering around. You will find several glasses, stirrer holders and more, recycled from old glass bottles, dotting the bar. “My father is a football fan and everyone in my family loves travelling. So, whenever anyone travels, they bring back something for this corner,” he adds.

Like any of us, Rana prefers working in peace and quiet. A separate path and a short flight of stairs later, we’re in his office. Dotting the walls are film posters and portraits of movies and personalities that inspire him and move him to contribute to his craft every day. We notice Marlon Brando, Mohammed Ali and even Uma Thurman staring down at us through their glass frames, looking right across at the mini-library Rana has built in his study. And what a collection it is – from Rig Vedas and Upanishads to Gotham comics and Tamil Pulp Fiction. “These books are an indication of how scattered my brain is,” says Rana, flashing us a cheeky smile. It’s no wonder then his on-screen work too spans from mythological and fantastical to the more grounded day to day realities.

There’s one thing clear to anyone who visits his home – while he may work on celluloid to bring others’ stories to life, he’s breathed life into his own story, albeit through brick and mortar.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Photography By: Stories in Motion

Videography By: Stories in Motion

19 October 2018

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