Actress Radhika Apte gives us a tour of her colourful Mumbai apartment awash in sunlight and filled with handpicked furniture pieces

By her own admission, Radhika’s husband Benedict is better at “imagining what the house could be turned into, and I’m better at turning it into that thing.” So, it comes as no surprise that the pair’s house is dotted with almost all of Radhika’s favourite pieces – right from her grandmother’s chair to the first one she got custom-made from her own money. There’s a little history to almost every piece you see in her house.

Their shared love for light-filled spaces is probably what led them to select this high-ceilinged apartment – the floor length windows in the living room flood the space with sunlight. “A very important thing for me is to have light in the house when I wake up. So, I look for a house where there will be enough light,” Radhika confirms. A key structural change they made was to break down the balcony and make it a part of the living room, creating a bigger, airier space.

Ask her where she got the idea to make each door a different colour and she admits, “A teacher had fans painted different colours, and I really liked it. I too want to do that, but don’t know what colours to pick, so in the meantime, I painted all the doors a different colour. If you ask me to use the bathroom, it’ll be “the purple door”. So, it is a borrowed idea that way”, she laughs.

While her bedroom is relatively simple, it is the guest room she has big plans for. Someday, she’d like to convert the wall behind the sofa cum bed, painted in the Asian Paints ColourNext 2018 Colour of the Year Passion Flower, into a gallery wall, densely packed with art. As she says, “I want to make this into a house that welcomes people and makes them feel comfortable and if they can feel that way, that’s great!”


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


1 June 2018

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