When it comes to decorating your home; there are no real rules as seen in this Bengaluru apartment where personal pieces and antique accents blend in effortlessly with contemporary furniture

For furniture store-owner, Preetha, and advertising agency founder, Kartik Iyer, their Bengaluru apartment was a giant leap of faith at the time that they bought it. “People usually graduate from a rental to a one or two BHK when they look at buying an apartment. We went straight from a rental to a four BHK,” recalls Kartik with amusement. It was a huge investment at the time but it’s a decision that they have never regretted.

“We didn’t want to go out anywhere on weekends for almost a year after we moved in. Socialising meant having friends over instead of getting out, at least for some time,” smiles Preetha at the memory. The couple lives here with their young son, Om, and their two dogs.

Before they moved in, however, there were some simple changes that they needed to make. The hall and an adjoining room were restructured to make way for a larger kitchen and an additional work area within it. An antique wooden shutter door ushers you in to the kitchen. Balconies run on both sides of the house. The larger one closer to the master bedroom is where this family loves to sit together with friends at the end of a hectic day. “This balcony overlooks one of the only three trees that exist in this city,” jokes Kartik adding, “so it’s where we love to hang with friends when we are entertaining at home.”

Om’s room was thoughtfully designed in a way that would afford him the privacy required for a child who is growing up. The couple describes their décor style as modern with a touch of the traditional. A beautiful antique teakwood frame sits above the dining table, anchoring the space. The frame is one of Preetha’s favourite pieces of furniture, as she and Kartik got married under it.

Ask them about their favourite memory about this house and it is Preetha who answers. “It was before we moved in. It was our anniversary and the house wasn’t ready – there was no furniture, and workers were still carrying on with the repair work. Kartik had arranged for an impromptu meal with a makeshift table and two chairs and lots of fairy lights to give the space a dreamy look,” she recalls with a smile.


Written By: Bindu Nair


Produced By: Bindu Nair

Photography By: Prachi Damle


Videography By: Red Kites Studio

7 May 2018

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