Sentimental pieces, coveted artworks and bespoke furniture pack in a punch in what is home to co-founders of Klove, a luxury lighting design studio

Two flights up a staircase that would put the fittest of us to shame, we are in the middle of this light filled landing, which opens into an expansive living room. If not tinkering about in their studio on their latest collaborations, (which these days also includes décor for a glamorous wedding designed by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla), Prateek and Gautam prefer to lounge on their super plush sofa from Apartment 9. “We hardly work,” mocks Prateek.

It is the same playful, infectious vibe we remember from the first time we met the two in 2006, when they were just launching their studio. Back then, they used to live on the ground and first floor of the bungalow while the top floor was their studio. Their home, much like their style has evolved since then. Still living and working out of the same place, the duo has now converted the first floor into the studio cum gallery while the top floor is their home and a private office. “Earlier, one needed to pass the home to get to the gallery. We wanted to keep the home private hence juggled the floor plans a bit,” says Gautam. “We broke down the walls and re-arranged the layout because we wanted only two bedrooms and a large living area as opposed to the existing four bedroom layout,” elaborates Prateek.

The two are firm believers of the adage, “Work hard, party harder”. Known for the fabulous parties they host, they were certain that they needed a space that transformed the minute they said “party”. An extension of their formal living room, their party pad is fitted with some of their favourite things – a round vase, which incidentally was one of the first products they designed; the piano, which is Prateek’s latest muse, and a heart installation, which is literally at the heart of this space. The stone and glass installation was a result of a quick brain storming session with their friend, Ruchika Grover of Odyssey during a drive. “In the mood for love always,” smiles Prateek.

The formal living room is quite in contrast to the glitzy party pad. Furbished in calming shades of peach and olive green, with art by artist Seher Shah, the two spaces are as distinct as their two personalities. However, the dining room changes it all – a double height space, with a sloping ceiling finished in wood and large glass doors that open out to a lush green terrace. A metal dining table with a bespoke chandelier adds a touch of glamour to the space. We could think of so many adjectives – vibrant, rooted, glamorous, exciting and yet warm and welcoming. It is probably this part of the home that reflects their personalities the most. “It reminds us of the hills,” explains Gautam. Yes indeed, that’s what their home is – serene and timeless.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Prachi Damle


Videography: Red Kites Studio

20 July 2018

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