A space to unwind and a place to work from, Qureshi’s home is her sanctuary is every way

For fashion stylist and entrepreneur Pernia Qureshi finding a space in Mumbai she could call home was not an easy task. She looked at thirty apartments and almost gave up before landing on her current home. It was the expansive feeling and the natural light here that got her excited. “It is very open, I can breathe here. I love the fact that there is so much light, it makes such a big difference to my mood,” she tells us. For Qureshi her idea of home is a space that she can call her own, where she can relax and unwind to her favourite music, green tea and dessert.

It is not a surprise then that instead of buying new furniture, she had a truck loaded with her beloved pieces from her old house in New Delhi brought into Mumbai. Keeping with the theme of the home, her couch is in a shade of beige and made itself at home in her living room in Mumbai. “This has to be the biggest couch in the world,” she jokes about the sofa that is perfect for entertaining. Her love for neutrals is seen as much in her wardrobe choices as her décor where everything is in shades of white and beige. The dining area consists of a neatly set dining table that also doubles up as a workstation. It is the view of the city from this spot that is her favourite part of living here. “I see a beautiful sunset from here every evening,” she adds.   

As a stylist and fashion entrepreneur it makes sense that her most cherished space in the house is her dressing room full of clothes, make-up and shoes - every girl’s dream. All her shoes are laid out for easy access, a rack is lined up with outfits she needs to try for her next outing and of course there is also a dressing table. “I spend a lot of time here, I am always getting ready for some event,” she says.

For Qureshi, the most important thing is having an environment at home that is relaxing, welcoming and warm. “I grew up with that in my parents’ home and I wanted the same feeling here,” she smiles.


Written By: Rachana Nakra

Deputy Editor

Photography & Videography By: Stories in Motion

11 January 2019

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