The singer-actor’s two-storey home in Mumbai is an interesting mix of light and dark colours, eclectic finds and hand-painted furniture

Artiste, actor, dancer – Monica Dogra wears several caps. One of the most prominent faces in the country’s indie music scene, this one half of duo Shaa'ir and Func lives her life like an open book and her home reflects her free spirit. Located “in the Shire that is Bandra” this two-storey home is her first, and the connection she has with this place is quite evident.

Her living room is bathed in light coming through the breezy white curtains which spills onto the white and blue sofas. Sandwiched between them is a murti of Lord Shiva doing his famous tandav. As a young girl Monica was enamoured with stories of Shiva, perhaps because she recognised those rebellious traits in herself as well. 

There’s a palpable change in mood and energy as you head from her living room to the bedroom, located on the second floor. The shift in light to dark colours starts at the stairwell, which has been painted a deep blue. It is in this attic-like space that she comes to work and rest. “I hand-painted this table,” she says pointing to her work desk. “The thing about distressed finishes is that you can spill wax or sometimes even coffee and it will still look at home.”

“Your home should be the place where you can completely be what you want to be and also be the place where you can figure that out,” she muses, and the open, welcome vibe we feel in her house leads us to believe only one thing – Monica has truly made her home a place where she and anyone who comes visiting can truly be themselves.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


2 July 2018

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