Inspired by their travels and mutual love of décor, Mini Mathur and Kabir Khan’s fusion-style home is dotted with thoughtful furniture, souvenirs and family memorabilia

With two children and Blue Khan, their dog, Mini Mathur and Kabir Khan run a full house. Mini and Kabir may have booming careers in TV and Bollywood, but their home showcases none of the glitz associated with the industry. In fact, when you step into their living room, you instantly feel at home, with a warm, fuzzy feeling slowly creeping up on you.

There’s a relaxed vibe in here, partly due to the furniture choices the couple have made. They’re both partial towards pieces with a weathered look – be it the 85 year old centre table from Kabir’s ancestral home in Hyderabad or the lotus root sofas that occupy a major chunk of their living room.

The influences of their travels are evident in the house – the colours, the collectables dotting nooks and crannies and the rounded edges of all corners of their living room (inspired by Greece). But one look at their terrace gives away their favourite destination – Santorini. We love how they turned the terrace into a mini escape. As Kabir rightly points out, “An open terrace is worth its weight in gold…just the fact that you can sit and look up at the stars…” he trails off.

Just like any family, meal times are crucial in the Mathur-Khan household, which is why Mini insisted on an open kitchen. “I love cooking and don’t think the kitchen needs to be a room where you hide and slave over a stove while everybody is sitting outside and enjoying the food. It should be an interactive activity.”

However, one part of the house she truly finds solace in is her makeshift office. It’s her “happy space”. She works out of here and in true mom style, also keeps an eagle eye on her two children in the adjacent kids’ room.

The house is a combined vision of Kabir and Mini. No décor decision is taken without the feedback of the other. As Kabir sums it up, “If Mini’s between yellow and red, after a discussion with me, she’ll realise she’s more on the side of yellow, and I’m more red. Sometimes, we’ll go with one and sometimes we’ll go with orange.”


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