Tarun Tahiliani’s son, Jahan, gives us a glimpse into the life and times of his flamboyant father

Even on a crisp winter morning, he’s the first to be up. More often than not we wake up to a heavy bassline from the home gym as early as 6.00am. Dad is invariably the first one out there and I join him later. It's nice to have that time together in the mornings, brief as it may be. Typically the next I see him is when he comes to the Qutub studio in the evenings. What we all love about this house is that it has a lovely energy in the mornings. The fresh air, the seamless transition from the inside to the outside, is something that keeps growing on you.

Evenings are family time. Usually all of us, including our three dogs, gather here to enjoy a nice home cooked meal, a bit of the evening news or some family television time. Since we are all early risers, we usually tuck in quite early. However, on the weekends we get to spend much more time at home in the day. So you will find us lounging around the family room reading, chatting or watching the latest by John Oliver. When weather permits we love sitting outside either by the pool area or in the veranda where we also have a dining table. 

The house has changed quite a lot since we moved here in 1999. We have added a permanent structure where we now have our home office and home gymnasium. When we first moved in the lawns were vast and unhindered. We had a football goal post and used the front lawn for cricket and football on a daily basis. So a weekend could have cricket, football and swimming – all in an afternoon for us kids and our friends. We used to perennially have guests over and lived our best outdoor life while growing up. Our neighbour and Godfather is also a massive sports enthusiast so he instilled this in us when we were young. 

After my brother and I grew up and left for University, the outdoor landscape area has changed a lot with the addition of this permanent structure. What once were open lawns is now fragmented into different landscape areas. Some covered in thick foliage, some open lawn while some outdoor areas have been laid with stone. There is a trail that goes along the periphery of the house and we often use this for our early morning or evening walks. We grow a lot of our own organic vegetables in the garden.

When we were younger, Sunday was with the family. We would often do things with Dad that became tradition for us. As my grandfather was a pilot and formal Admiral of the Indian Navy, we spent a lot of time aero modelling, making replicas and flying gliders. We would go to Nehru place and buy the planes from the hobby stores and come home and reassemble them over the course of the day. Dad often tried to bring out the creative side in the kids at the farm but despite his several attempts of painting with us on Sunday and teaching us, it never really stuck. He used to use the basement as his personal library and studio for painting. He's now moved this to his home studio and the basement has evolved into the hang out space for my friends and I.

Holidays at home are quite enjoyable. There is a certain romance with the tradition of Diwali. For us, it was the time that our entire family got together. Just like what dad always says, “This home is about the senses, it’s not about the value… and we all have such nice memories of it.”

Written By: Jahan Tahiliani

Guest Contributor

Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Suleiman Merchant


Videography By: Red Kites Studio

13 June 2019

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