It's hard to pick a favourite room in this home filled with a mix of antiques, curated art, and bespoke furniture

It’s our favourite kind of hello; one that involves a couple of ginger fur balls surprising you by darting across the living room. Sonali Pingale, co-owner of Sanskriti Lifestyle, lives in an expansive Pune home with her husband and three cats. Once the distraction settles, you stop and take in this beautifully curated space. The entryway is peppered with little curios on a console by a staircase that leads to the bedrooms upstairs.

The living room is a large expansive area with different sets of seating. “We entertain a lot, and this kind of arrangement gives us flexibility to host more people,” says Pingale. Scattered yet grouped seating is an excellent option for large spaces. It is versatile enough to host intimate and large groups at the same time.

Classic furniture gets a fun makeover in this home with contemporary upholstery to fit in with the rest of the pieces in the house. We especially love the pink, French canopy armchair that sits at one end of the living room. Pingale kept her walls white so that her art would really shine while colourful canvases, painted wooden sculptures and embroidered cushions add splashes of colour to the living room. A long, vintage, wooden table holds some of her most prized possessions including an antique brass armoury. A brass urli replaces a typical vase to hold fresh Rajnigandhas or Tuberoses, which are her preferred flowers. “They turn fragrant in the evenings just before guests arrive,” she shares.

The cats run around freely, chasing each other to their favourite spots in the house. “Most of my art or artefacts on the floor are pretty heavy, so the frenzy doesn’t worry me too much,” she adds, laughing.

The stairwell is painted a bright yellow with masks dotting the walls. The master bedroom on the upper floor has a plush four-poster bed with curtains. On one side is an easel where Pingale often spends time painting. The TV and lounge areas are open courtyard-like spaces, which allows family members and friends to come together. It also allows an unhindered view of the living areas downstairs.

It’s not too often that we walk into a home that has so much art and a mix of different furniture styles in different finishes that look like they were meant to be together - much like Sonali, her husband and their three fiercely individual cats.

Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Prachi Damle


Videography By: Red Kite Studio

18 April 2019

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