Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal Karthik’s eclectic styled home in Chennai

Wins or losses in their respective games, for Dinesh and Dipika their home is the place they come to after, to regroup, reassess and rejuvenate

Being at the top of their game is not the couple’s only claim to fame. Meet them at their home in Chennai, and cricketer Dinesh Karthik and squash player Dipika Pallikal Karthik crack up a coy smile talking about how they are proud to be neighbours of ‘Thalaiva’ or superstar Rajnikanth.

When not on the field or court, Dinesh and Dipika feel most content in their beautiful and spacious home that they have designed to be warm and practical. The couple describes this as the home that welcomed them to the heart of the city of Chennai. “After living in a couple of other places, this house is a dream home for both of us,” Dipika says. They share the roof with their year-old pooch – “our first born” - who happens to be just as much a sport as her parents.

Their large living room welcomes you with a vivid yellow painting that rests just above the main seating area. It gives you an idea of their eclectic tastes and a very personal approach to designing the home. “The one thing I really wanted to stand out in my living room was a painting,” explains Dipika. “We didn’t buy things after planning. We just picked whatever we liked and put it together in the home,” she adds. The couple’s dynamism in the way they’ve furnished their home is akin to their versatility in their respective arenas. Dipika tells us about how she remodeled her dining table to salvage it from the damage it suffered in transit. The result? A striking table with a granite top that reflects the specially-fitted lights above.

Dinesh’s favourite space in the home is the lounge area that has a flat screen TV and the most comfortable couch. “If I am too tired I can just sleep here while watching TV,” he says. The well-lit area offers ample natural light in the day and is illuminated at night with the combination of table lamps and embedded ceiling lamps. As for Dipika the snug bedroom is her spot to unwind, where she spends her free time on her gaming console.

The most fascinating corner of their home is the cabinet where the couple stores their kits. This is where Dinesh stashes away his collection of bats and cricketing gear, and Dipika stores her squash kit and elaborate collection of shoes. The Karthiks treat their home as work in progress, although it’s still their perfect place to be. “A home grows with you, taking on characteristics of those who shape it, much like a child,” Dinesh smiles.


Written By: Rachana Nakra

Deputy Editor

Photography By: Stories in Motion

9 November 2018

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