Avilasha Barooah’s striking and eclectic home in Bengaluru

Horizontal black and white stripes running across walls of the home make for a striking backdrop to even bolder furniture pieces and accessories

It’s not everyday that you come across a home which is bold, eclectic and brimming with vignettes in every corner. Avilasha Barooah’s home is this mix of Pottery Barn meets Indian eclecticism. A large mirror with an industrial tan leather and metal stool, repurposed from a bicycle welcomes you into this striking entryway. It is perhaps an indication of the things to come. The living room is equally striking with black and white stripes that travel the width of the walls.

Most people would have added a storage cabinet or two in the niche in the entryway, but not Avilasha. Instead, she has created a dummy staircase that gives an illusion of another room upstairs. She uses this as an alternate display area instead of regular shelves.

There are a lot of bold elements in this living room but somehow they all work well together without being jarring. It has perhaps to do with how Avilasha has paired different materials, textures and colours together. For example, a teakwood dining table painted red is very imposing but transparent Ghost chairs make it appear lighter than it is. She has paired this seating with an antique teakwood bench.

The bar in the corner is a large industrial piece, the warm wood of which breaks the severe black and white striped wall. The living area has a mixed seating plan with a plush velvet couch that adds softness to the space. Again, an industrial centre table adds a bit of an eclectic touch to the space. She has used the black and white combination in huge doses – on the walls, as carpet on the floor – but because she has played with textures, rigid walls against soft carpet, it works as a whole.

The kitchen, unlike many we have seen before, has as much character as the living spaces. Avilasha has brilliantly exploited the starkness of a monochrome palette. Here, she has used grey on the cabinets and walls and injected a dash of colour through art, a patterned-tile back splash and a lone bright yellow Tolix chair. An extension of this very vibrant kitchen is the dry area, which houses her balcony. She has styled it as a retro Laundromat complete with art on the walls and a metal, locker style cabinet.

It’s pretty evident that Avilasha is unafraid of experimenting – be it bold colours or prints. Her study is a mix and match of different styles, a cantilevered wooden shelf that serves as a table, a Tolix chair and a bunch of curios all tied together with a brilliantly bright orange ceiling.

While you may not find us shying away from using colour in our homes, we could sometimes falter with making some safe choices. Avilasha’s home has given us that little nudge we needed to take the big, bold step into a colourful home.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Prachi Damle

14 September 2018


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