An interior designer’s Chennai home that’s filled with chic affordable ideas

Designer Sunita Yogesh spent months on every little detail of her 2,000 square feet apartment, making it just perfect

From the minute you enter Sunita Yogesh’s 2,000 square feet abode in Chennai, ingenious home decor ideas beckon you to take a closer look. Not only are they ingenious and nifty, they are also incredibly Pinterest-worthy. With an entryway which boasts a petit elegant bench, an assortment of eclectic wall hangings and a neat row of shoes – the first impression is bang on.

Open plan perfection
Sunita’s home is a lesson in how to ace the art of open-plan layouts. The entryway to her home opens into both the living and dining room spaces. From here, the living room leads into what Sunita refers to as the “family room.” With its two beanbags upholstered in Kelly Wearstler-inspired covers, this room is “our favourite spot to unwind where we sit and relax for hours, binging on Netflix over the weekends,” she says. What links these open rooms, besides the carefully chosen interior design, is the abundance of light which floods this very modern Chennai house.

Innovative interior design via upcycling
What we really love though is how Sunita has upcycled regular, off-the-shelf pieces with an ingenuity that makes them more personal and unique. For example, she has thrown together a whole bunch of cushions in different colours and textures to uplift her otherwise quite typical beige sofa. She has created a gallery wall, lined with frames to move the eye away from the couch and a metal chair is cloaked in a faux fur throw, making it look effortlessly chic. She has even repurposed a wireframe which now functions as a tack board above her study.

But the biggest steal of all would have to be the marble print photo paper that is stuck on top of the kitchen cupboard surfaces. Not only does it look like an authentic marble top for one-fourth the price, but also breaks up the monotony of the large wooden unit that it sits atop.

The real secret to creating the perfect modern house
Behind every perfectly curated corner of Sunita’s home lies a colossal number of unseen hours spent planning and curating. Sunita spent months renovating and creating her home, changing things as she went along. Her big tip: don’t pressure yourself into doing up the entire house at one go. Take time to figure out what you like, what your style is, what you are attracted to and then start working on putting it together from there. This is (hopefully) a space you will inhabit for many years to come, so it’s essential that you don’t rush it as you want to create a sanctum of calm that is reflective of your individuality.

Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Prachi Damle


2 August 2019

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