An earthy penthouse duplex by FADD Studio in Bengaluru

Warm browns meet vibrant hues in this contemporary home

Call it prejudice but a penthouse duplex almost always conjures up impressions of shiny metallic surfaces, faux fur and the likes. Not that it’s a bad thing, but perhaps a tad over done. So when we came across this earthy gem, with its zen like vibe, we have to admit, we did a little happy dance.

Spread across 5,000 sq ft, this bungalow in Bengaluru is designed by the young designer duo, Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar of FADD Studio. Designed for an avid nature and photography lover, the home is swathed in earthy tones in some areas and soft pastels in others; subtle in one corner and opulent in another.  

The whole shell wears an unobtrusive beige-grey amour. A large yet minimal living room furnished in wood welcomes you. The double height ceiling brings in soft, filtered, natural light. Hints of blue through upholstery and accents add to the zen-like calmness that pervades the space.

Wood and cement are predominant materials; the warmth of the wood offsets the cold of the concrete. The highlight of this house is a Japanese style raised tea area finished entirely in bamboo. It is positioned under a double height origami-inspired chandelier that is set against large curtain-less windows. The tea table itself is a work of art.

The living space houses a blue and rust cluster with a vibrant rug. Adjacent to this, a plush and stylish piano room has two conversation chairs against a vintage mirror. On the opposite wall, a sculpted marble bench, a sculptural black floor lamp and an ethnic artwork are seen against wooden mosaic wall creating the right mix of warm and contemporary tones.

It’s almost like yin and yang; where warm materials offset cold colours, minimal design is interjected with opulent accents, and where beauty meets utility.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

6 April 2017

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