A colourful, fusion inspired home in Bengaluru by Weespaces

Farmhouse inspired furniture and modern accessories come together in this dual toned Bengaluru home designed by Vinithra Amarnathan of Weespaces

While open-plan living rooms are the flavour of the season, they can be hit or miss sometimes. While the spaces need to flow into one another, they also need to stand out on their own and walking this thin line requires fine balancing skills. One, which Vinithra Amaranathan of Weespaces has pulled off in this Bengaluru house.

It’s the blue that pops out first, from behind the latticed screen that separates the entryway from the living and dining spaces. Two custom, velvet wingback chairs against a powder blue wall instantly catch attention, a sort of a lounging space to breakaway for private conversations. On the opposite side though, it is brown which dominates. The modern farmhouse-like furniture is broken up with metallic accents. “Modern brass mirrors and farmhouse lighting sit with ethnic ganjifa art and a painting from chitrakala parishad – nothing brings out the personality of the owners better than this,” says Vinithra.

The first thing she did was knock-off the dividing block between the living and dining area, instantly opening up the space. This ensured that the sunlight streaming in from one end would now also light up the other side. Next came the choice of colour. “I wanted to bring in character to each of these spaces without making them look like they are different rooms. The colour palette though restrained, has an easy flow. We kept neutrals and terracotta as our base colour as the client already had the sofa,” Vinithra elaborates.

The dining room is anchored by a farmhouse table, surrounded by chairs on one end and a bench on the other – a classic mixed seating arrangement. The little details too catch our attention. For instance, the blue in the table lamps flanking the sofa are an extension of the lounging space and the brown carpet complements the warm, coffee colour of the couch. After all, it’s these little things that tie-in a home together.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


7 September 2018

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