A 850 sqft upsized, urban home in suburban Mumbai

This cheerful apartment in Mumbai shows you how to work colours in your home

If you thought colourful interiors were for large spaces then this apartment designed by MuseLAB will make you think again. Nifty ideas, pops of colour and smart planning define this contemporary home of an investment banker. A tall set of duco-painted drawers not only serves as a room divider but also makes for an interesting display for curios.

The home décor breaks many a rules of décor. It pays homage to the owner’s penchant for colourful cartoon effigies. Batman, superman, minions, you name it; there’s space for all without it looking childish. The low windowsill has been turned into a bench for a part of the dining seating, and the space under it has been turned into storage. Colourfully painted chairs form the rest of the seating. A sliding-folding door divides the living space into two, which depending on use turns into a TV room or a guest room. We love how even in such a small space, what once was a small bathroom has been converted into a walk-in.

No corner here is wasted, and yet it doesn’t appear heavy. In fact, it’s a delightful space with interesting details at every turn, which in some places is chic storage or an exciting nook for showcasing more curios. We are definitely bookmarking this home for the next time we are renovating our home.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Produced By: Pragnya Rao

Photography By: Prachi Damle


27 November 2017

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