A 3 BHK, contemporary, Mumbai apartment by Rubel Dhuna

Contemporary Indian elements, local art and lots of natural light define the interiors of Sunita Namjoshi’s home designed by Rubel Dhuna Architects

Dappled light envelops Sunita Namjoshi’s sea facing apartment where a contemporary design aesthetic is interrupted by elements with an old-world charm. Before the space could be transformed into its current light-filled avatar, it needed deft planning and reallocation of areas. The existing rooms were broken down from five to three, to create airier spaces. Terrace walls were brought down to create seamless living spaces that allowed for the outdoors to blend in.

We have always grappled with working with a neutral palette. How does one decide how much colour, how many patterns and what materials will help add that perfect pick-me-up to the space? Rubel’s tricks are pretty simple to follow – she restricted the walls to white, furniture to woods and the flooring to natural grey slate to help create a warm envelope for Sunita’s carefully collected pieces. The home has a lived-in feel thanks to a concerted effort to stay away from matching pieces, instead curating a home that reflects her love for art as much as it does her love for cooking. Ask her friends, and you will know, no one comes back from the Namjoshi household without their stomachs full and their hearts fuller.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

28 May 2018

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