On a natures trail

There's something very soothing about natural fibres and colours. Dress up your interiors in a combination of cane, jute and greens that help you bring the outside in

In the Picture, Windows chic blind from local shop, Bandra,
Rs 800; Spine chair from Freedom tree, Rs 9360; Raffia round, woven basket, from Abaca, Rs 9200 (set of 3); Cane console,
Rs 39375, Faillie single white flower, Rs 799, both from Tresorie; Ami side table, from Abaca, Rs 16400;

Glass planter with jute bag from HomeStop, Rs 349; Jute photoframe from Ivy, Rs 899; Ceramic Bird from Marcau artefacts, Rs 2000; Birds of paradise from Green Grower,
Rs 1800.


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