Moulin Rouge

Be inspired by the boisterous vibrance of the Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is a lot of things- vibrant, provocative and unapologetic. What it isn’t is ‘boring.’
For those who don’t mind getting adventurous in their décor, we have taken inspiration from the Moulin Rouge to bring you some provocative décor ideas.
Go quirky with the butt chair and the diamond sculpture to match the Moulin Rouge theme in your own space.





Berry Rectangular Rug from Scarlet Splendour, Price on request






Swan Vases Set from House of Things, Rs 10000





Nordic Stool from The Rug Republic, Rs 10690





Bocca by Gufram Sofa from Scarlet Splendour, price on request


MD18055/6 Chandelier from Anemos, price on request







Him & Her Casamania Chair from, price on request



Facet Sculpture from Boconcept, Rs 3950

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


BH Shop
23 January 2017

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