Industrial chic

Soften the edges of a raw, industrial look with the use of quirky accessories

We love grunge just as much as we love the hipster vibe. Little wonder that our heart seeks out the industrial style. Quite the rage over the years, we love it when people give it a new spin with each new space. Like the good folks at Café Zoe, where exposed brick walls meet pops of red, warm wooden flooring sits across the industrial ducts mapping a zig zag pattern on the ceiling. The idea is simple, tie in the larger décor elements with quirky, personal accessories, in this case, paintings, poster frames and a vintage typewriter.




Ceiling Lights Kg012p Black Chrome from Anemos, price on request




Vintage Typewriter from Chor Bazar, Price on request




Feast Dining Table from Baro, Rs 4,000 (Excluding taxes)







Taper Table Lamp Base from Freedom Tree, Rs 1,680





Indecrafts Metal Gringo Chair Black from Fabfurnish, Rs 5,200






Techno Artwork by Aniruddh Mehta from Kulture Shop, Rs 6,250

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


BH Shop
1 December 2016

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