Go for gold

Go glam with a combination of red and gold with a hint of pattern thrown in for good measure

We love our dressers, glamorous and luxurious. It definitely adds to the joy of getting dolled up. Think rich colours, gilded embellishments, carved table and a super luxurious chair to sink in to. Pair vermilion red with dull gold for the ultimate in dresser luxe.





Classic Gold Console from The Yellow Door Store, Rs 33,575






Gold Finish on the chair by Apcolite Gold - M003 from Asian Paints, Chair from Chor Bazar, both, price on request






Trenz Photo frame from Orange Tree, Rs 879







August Moon Wallpaper from Nilaya by Asian Paints, Rs 18,500 (per roll)





Blossom Vanilla Bowl Candle from Thelabellife, Rs 1,390

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


BH Shop
1 December 2016


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