From a charming Mumbai rental on a budget

Recreate the look of this of Mumbai apartment to give your space a boho twist

We love the casual-chic vibe in Daribha Lyndem and Adhiraj Singh’s mid-century modern home. Here’s a round up of products that will help you get this look for your living room.

Produced by Nidhi Tiwari







Seven Rays Do It With Passion Or Not At All Poster from Fabfurnish, Rs 199







Seven Rays Experiment Fail Learn Repeat Framed Poster from Fabfurnish,
Rs 999



Apollo Compact Sofa from, Rs 31999




Indie Royal Book Shelf Honey from Fabfurnish, Rs 19658





Exotic Green Indoor Plant from Fabfurnish, Rs 899





Beige Flower Bed Cushion from Gulmohar Lane, Rs 299





Mango Check Cushion Cover from Idam, Rs 800





Yak 2 Tone Throw Wool Ivory + Yak from Abaca, Rs 7500





Dunbar Arm Chair from Iqrup and Ritz, Rs 54975

Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

BH Shop
8 December 2016


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