5 new year resolutions for the home


For a happy start to the New Year, read through our list of  resolutions for the home

The New Year always makes us hope for better things, whether that’s our health or the state of our bank balance. This year, we decided it’s time to turn some of that attention homewards. Read through our list of new year resolutions for the home, that will ensure it’s a happy space that you love coming back to, at the end of a hard day at work.

1.      I shall declutter my home 
There are many proven benefits to decluttering your home. Marie Kondo, who sparked off a decluttering revolution with her philosophy of ‘Less is more,’ is our idol in that department. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, Marie Kondo’s methods cannot be implemented in one single day; she suggests tackling one category at a time, spread out over a period of time that you find comfortable.

You can buy her book here. You can read Marie Kondo’s exclusive interview with Beautiful Homes on tips to organise your wardrobe here.

2.      I shall put things away in their proper place 
This sounds obvious but it isn’t really. All of us are guilty of letting things pile up around the house. We mean to pick them up but never get around to it. So when the weekend shows up, you spend all your time organizing and sorting out the home. 

3.     I shall review kitchen supplies regularly 
How many of us have come back from the grocery store with a big bag of supplies and then watched them slowly go past their ‘Best By Date,’ right there, sitting in our cupboards? Cleaning out your kitchen cabinet once a month is a good idea, to review supplies that have gone past their Best By date.

4.     I shall file paper bills away on time
Most of us struggle with the task of keeping paper bills and tax related documents properly organized. A good tip is to organise bills every month and file them accordingly. This helps during the year end when you are filing taxes.

5.     I shall not pile up laundry for the end of the week
It’s tempting to let your laundry pile up during the week but let’s be honest- the task of dealing with a whole week’s worth of laundry in one go is just not ideal. It helps to break up laundry time into a twice a week routine.


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