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Plan a ‘back to school’ play date for the kids to keep them busy at home during the holidays


Ease away the back-to-school blues with this thematic play date for your kids

We know what you’re thinking. It’s just May and school’s not even on your (and your kids’) minds. But, time flies when you’re having fun and things simply don’t get ‘funner’ than summer break! So while that dreaded first day of school may be some weeks away, we know just how to help prepare your kids to face the first day back to school—a summer play date!

If you’re anxious about the planning, then put your mind to rest. We teamed up with Capota.co, India’s first-of-its-kind online party shop, to help you plan a cool ‘back to school’-themed play date that the kids will get a kick out of.Check out the video for the stationery (it is themed around school, after all) you’ll need, arrange for some snacks (cookies and all things sugar are always a good idea) and brainstorm on some games. We’re pretty sure that by the end of it, the kids won’t be able to wait to go back to school!


-    Graph paper
-    Printed labels
-    Glue stick
-    Chalk
-    Chalkboard clip

1.  Take a 16x24 cm graph paper and fold it into half, leaving 2 cm at one end. Fold in the 2 cm part.
2.  Measure 2 cm from the perpendicular end of the folded paper and fold that in too.
3.  Seal both ends with glue. You now have a simple paper pouch.
4.  Stick the label on the front side of the pouch.
5.  Use a chalk to write the name of the guests on the chalkboard clips and attach it to the pouch.


-    Pencils
-    Card stock paper
-    Scissors
-    Marker
-    Glass jar
-    3D foam letters
-    Washi tape

1.    Cut the card stock paper into 3x5 cm pieces.
2.    Using the washi tape stick the paper to the pencil to create a
3.    Write the name of the guests using a marker.
4.    Take the glass jar and fill it with 3D foam letters.
5.    Place the pencil flags in the centre.



-    A1 cartridge paper
-    Black marker
-    Glue stick
-    Scissors
-    Ruler
-    Stencil

1.    Take the cartridge paper and cut it into half.
2.    Make markings after every inch with the marker on both halves. On those markings, draw lines like the ones you would find on a ruler.
3.    On one half, use the stencil to trace numbers from one to three.
4.    Repeat the same process on the other half and trace numbers from four to six.
5.    Stick both halves of the cartridge paper with glue.

Ashna Agarwal, founder and baker at Mad Batter by Ashna, customized the sweet treats for the play date. In her words: “The best thing about bakery is the passion present in the products.  At Mad Batter, the goodies are baked with oodles of love. I believe in customization for all my baked goods, so special care and attention is given to the details.”
Contact: 9726097767; 15/269. Satyagraha Chavni, behind Bhavnirjhar, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad

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