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Involve your kids and create a faux terrazzo wall this season

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A quick and easy way to create terrazzo-patterned wall art with your kids

If you are thinking of redoing your child’s room, faking an abstract terrazzo pattern with paint lets you indulge in adding a touch of home-made art to your walls and allows you to spend some quality time with your child.

Allow your child’s room to bear the prints of their creativity. Or pick a wall that is in dire need of painting. Before you get started, take a look at how it’s done.

Spend a summer day in with your child making terrazzo art on the wall

We show you how to get that distinctive texture using abstract patterns, some really good shades of paint, a bit of imagination and recruiting your child for some fun around the house. We were inspired by Jodi Geralyn Bond of House on a Sugar Hill. And we hope you find your inspiration here.

-    Wall paints
We recommend these shades from the Asian Paints Colour Spectra collection to make that wall pop.
.    Caspean Sea (code number 7294)
.    Corsican Sky (code number 7305)
.    Silk Route (code number 0N13)
.    Rich Prune-N (code number 9984)
You can also use any leftover paint that you might have lying around the house.

-    Flat paint brushes
-    Roller brush (small)
-    Chalk
-    Masking tape

Step 1
Draw abstract shapes on the wall, in varying sizes, with a chalk.

Step 2
Outline these shapes with masking tape to ensure that the paint doesn’t spill out. Even if you are good at painting with a brush, it is important to create a masking tape outline for the roller brush finish.

Step 3
Choose the colour you would like to fill in each shape, trying to maintain a balance of colours and yet ensuring a random pattern (because that’s what a terrazzo surface is all about).

Step 4
Involve your kids and ask them to colour each shape with the paint brush.

Step 5
Finish with a roller brush for a smoother effect.

Step 6
Once the paint has dried, remove the masking tape.

Step 7
Retouch the edges of each shape with a finer brush, if required.


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