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How to paint your wall Ombre

Paint your walls Ombre this season with our latest DIY tutorial

Materials required:

1.    Foam blocks – 2 pieces
2.    Plastic paint – Colour of your choice (We used Royale Play by Asian Paints)
Quantity: 2 litres each
3.    Shade: Fresh Carrot - 9397, Milky way - L102 (both from Asian Paints)
4.    Water as required
5.    Tray
Note: Royale play blends well, which is intrinsic to this method


1.    Ensure the wall is perfectly even and white or of the base colour you want.


2.    Divide the whole wall horizontally in 3 sections. The bottom most needs to be painted the original shade moving up to a slightly lighter one, and ending with the lightest shade. Starting from the bottom section of the wall, dab the foam in the paint and make impressions on the wall. Move the foam towards left and right so that the pattern does not look one-directional. Cover 1/3rd of the wall horizontally with this in the original shade of the colour of your choice.

3.    Now dab the foam in little water and drain some of the paint from the foam, this will help make the colour a shade lighter. Apply a little pressure on the wall to blend the lighter shade in your hand with the darker one applied before. This is to ensure there is no prominent line seen in between the two colours. The key is in making the gradation appear as smooth and seamless as possible.

4.    The third section, which is the top most needs to be the lightest. To achieve this, repeat the same process as the previous one to blend the darker shade under it with this section.

5.    And just like that, your ombre wall is ready!

Production & Styling by:

Nidhi Tiwari

Photography By:

Pulkit Sehgal

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