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Wallpaper design trends 2022: 10 wallpaper ideas to play with

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Wall paper Design

Wallpaper has always been considered the height of chic and is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to enhance the décor of a room. From traditional florals and trompe l’oeil, through contemporary geometric and tropical patterns to ikat prints, wallpaper is turning out to be a popular trend for 2022. The wallpaper 2022 trends can change the ambiance of a room and instantly add character.

Earlier, wallpaper was reserved for entertainment areas, like the foyer and living room, but now, it has become a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and even corridors. Wallpaper 2022 trends come in beautiful colours, textures and patterns and you can find the perfect wallpaper to match the décor of your room and make it stand out.

10 Wallpaper trends 2022

The popularity of wallpaper has been rising for over a decade, and as a result, the range of options has increased to meet the daring design choices of this generation. No longer are homeowners satisfied with thin pinstripes and small flower patterns on their walls. Today’s homeowners have become adventurous and are choosing bold, oversize patterns and colours.

Here, we take a look at the popular wallpaper trends for 2022 and how you can incorporate it in your home.

Botanical wallpaper trends for 2022

Botanical décor has been very popular in 2022, from upholstery to wall art to wallpaper. A room can be made captivating with a feature wall of flourishing foliage. Choose deeper tones on the other walls and pair it with dark wood flooring for a moody and surreal aesthetic.

If you are picking a floral wallpaper, consider the scale of the flowers in the patterns. It will look beautiful in a large room but in a smaller room, if the print is very large it could become overwhelming. In that case, it may be safer to stick to daintier designs to create an illusion of space.

Botanical wallpaper design trends for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

2.    Inspiring contemporary wallpaper trends 2022

Wallpaper can bring a personal touch to any project. It could be a simple wallpaper with a subtle pattern in a neutral palette for a minimalistic interior or a rippled design with a cool, retro spin using a teal-and-white palette with matte black accents.

Create artful, abstract motifs rich with atmosphere or pair a marble-patterned wallpaper with a bright coloured trim panelling. You can create a whole aesthetic by picking out the prominent colours of the wallpaper and matching your upholstery to it for a hip and modern look.

Designer wallpaper design in this living area trends for the year 2022 - Beautiful Homes

3.    Gorgeous designer wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper can completely transform a space and some sensational designer wallpaper for walls include luxe textured wallpaper, metallic wallpapers, wallpapers with botanical, landscape or floral motifs. One can even find wallpaper from renowned fashion designers to adorn your walls.

Designer wallpapers can be a bit expensive to cover an entire room. A stylish and cost-effective way to incorporate these stunning designs in your home is by using them as wallpaper panels. Wallpaper panels are also a great way to use a busy wallpaper in a small room. The amount of white space between the panel makes the space look bigger.

4.    2022 wallpaper trends with geometric patterns

Abstract wallpaper is very chic and is a great choice for minimalistic, modern and contemporary homes. It uses innovative colours, flowing lines, and organic shapes to create artistic flair and expression. It can transform your walls into a superb piece of art by itself or help elevate the beauty of the entire room.

For instance, a kaleidoscopic wallpaper will be a stunning and innovative backdrop in a contemporary living room. Paired with plush, snow-white furniture, pendant lamps, a low, grey, stone table and a neutral shag carpet, it will make a modern living room the epitome of sophistication.

5.    Traditional Indian wallpaper design for home

People still lean towards very European or American themed wallpaper but wallpaper with traditional Indian motifs can look spectacular in any style of home. Motifs like paisley, ikats, big florals and woven tribal prints are very popular all over the world in cushions, rugs and throws and are now making their appearance on wallpaper too.

The best part of going completely Indian is that you can experiment with a spectrum of vibrant hues. For instance, drape an accent wall with an ikat print and use the same print in other colours for your cushions and dhurries to bring it all together 

Traditional floral wallpaper design trending for the year 2022 - Beautiful Homes

melodiously. Using textures like silk, raw silk and brocade on the walls will add more drama and opulence.

6.    3D wallpaper designs for rooms

Innovative 3D wallpapers can make a room look bright and help it stand out. They are easy to create as almost any print can be made into a wallpaper. They are highly cost effective as well as easy to install. One of the most popular 3D designs on wallpapers is the impression of an exposed brick wall which looks great in a rustic home with distressed furniture and a rural décor.

3D wallpaper décor is also very popular when designing children’s rooms. Wallpapers with pretty clouds in the sky will look enchanting in a nursery. A vibrant 3D rendition of a fairy tale kingdom or a Harry Potter print will be perfect for an older child.

7.    Popular wallpaper trending designs

Tropical and botanical wallpaper trending designs have become popular this year as they are very striking and can match any décor. Geometric patterns are still popular but the trend is towards thin, squiggly lines rather than bold, wide designs.

Art deco interior wallpaper that incorporates iconic and lavish patterns from the 1920s is becoming a hit among the younger generation as are huge murals that fill up a room.

Innovative natural wallpaper matching with vintage furniture in the living area - Beautiful Homes

8.    Innovative use of wallpaper décor

Wallpapers, these days, are not stuffy and quaint but are exuberant design tools that are used not just to adorn the walls but in other unexpected ways. Some innovative spaces that look gorgeous when adorned with wallpaper include the back of bookshelves and glass fronted cabinets. A complementary colour for the wood or the wall paint can give a very dramatic effect.

Add a whimsical element to your house wallpaper design by mixing the wallpaper with the natural features in your home. For instance, if you have an alcove or a window bay, you can cover that wall with a whimsical and dreamy wallpaper of the skies or a botanical wallpaper that helps bring the outdoors in.

9.    Gorgeous ideas to wallpaper living room

Wallpaper murals are utterly captivating and look amazing in the living room. Big forests, maps of the world, foliage, creepers and florals are all great murals to install in the living room and bring the beauty of the outside world into the home. Use a neutral palette upholstery to tone down the vibrance of the wallpaper for a sense of serenity or continue the vivacious tones with the upholstery and the window treatments for a truly dramatic living room.

For people who love the elegant, Victorian look, Damask wallpaper is a lovely choice for a marble floored living room filled with antique furniture, Persian carpets and ornate fixtures.

10.    Calming wall paper designs for bedroom

The bedroom should be an oasis from the mad pace of the outside world and a soothing wallpaper is a good choice. But this does not mean that the wallpaper should be boring. Pick a deep textured velvet wallpaper for a large opulent bedroom. In a contemporary modern bedroom, a simpler neutral palette, geometric pattern will give a sense of calm.

For a truly unique aesthetic, use a vintage design wallpaper on the bedroom wall and combine it with an antique iron bedstead, lace linen and curtains to give your bedroom a very cosy, Victorian feel.

How can Beautiful Homes help you with the best wallpaper for your home?

At Beautiful Homes, we’re redefining the ultimate luxury interior design service experience. We offer you a broad range of professional interior design services, years of experience, and unparalleled attention to every detail. We keep an eye on all trends in the interior design industry including popular wallpaper trends 2022. Our painstaking attention to detail is not just in design, but in research as well.

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Chic & trending interior wallpaper design for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

closely with you over the course of your project to achieve your dreams. Whether it is picking the perfect mural for your living room, or a dramatic botanical print for your foyer, we will help you choose the perfect wallpaper home décor to enhance the aesthetic of your room.

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