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Unique ideas to use artificial turf for home interiors

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An outdoor-rich lifestyle can help to maintain a healthier and happier balance in your mental and physical wellness. So, it’s no wonder – given the unprecedented amount of time that many of us are spending within our four walls – that current trends in home décor are leaning towards natural themes and nature-inspired colours. Regardless of the size of house you live in, be it a compact apartment or sprawling bungalow, there are ways to add a touch of nature into your interiors. A great option to do this is artificial grass. With it’s easy-to-maintain durability and versatility, from the obvious choice of using it in your outdoor areas to more unusual alternatives in indoor décor, it can be installed in a variety of ways to bring a fresh vitality and life to your space.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Astroturf or artificial / fake grass is made from synthetic fibres. It is a low-maintenance and weather-resistant alternative to real grass, that comes without the inconvenience of mowing, soil fertilisation, aeration and frequent watering. What’s more, if you’re looking for a plush and cushy surface that feels great under bare feet, artificial turf not only looks like real grass, but feels like it too, and can be a great alternative to carpeted flooring. When it comes to artificial grass, price per square foot is another plus point. While the initial costs can be a little high, given that it comes in easily installable and replaceable tiles, it can be a much more wallet-friendly option in the long run.

Maintaining Artificial Grass

While considerably more low-maintenance, artificial grass does need to be cleaned to keep it looking lush, green and inviting. In outdoor areas, simply hose it down with a low-pressure hose – of course, this can be skipped during rainy months. For indoor grass, sweep along the natural grain of the grass to remove dust and dirt, and then use a soft yet stiff brush against the grain to groom the grass back into an upright position. You can also spot clean with a damp cloth and then brush later to bring it back into shape.

9 Ways to Invigorate Your Home with Artificial Turf


1.    Invite Nature In : Artificial Grass in The Foyer

The entryway to a home is like a glimpse of what is to come. Whether you are upgrading an older home or establishing a new one, artificial grass can help create that hospitable feeling of welcoming sanctuary while still being practical. Use synthetic grass as the trimming around entryway pavers to extend the green outdoors into your home interior; this style also draws the visual focus, creating contrast and interest in an understated and beautifully rustic way.

Conversely if your design style is rather minimalist, you might just choose to highlight your door number or shape a greeting in artificial grass, adding a mere hint of fresh green to a more modern space.

Artificial grass design to beautify your foyer - Beautiful Homes

Artificial grass to enhance your outdoor designs - Beautiful Homes

2.    An Outdoors Upgrade : Living Room Home Interior Ideas

Whether used to highlight an enchanting wall terrarium or as a grass rug that bestows a whimsical outdoor element to your recessed areas, artificial grass can conjure the magical nostalgia of springtime in a remarkably practical way. If you are updating the look of a split-level or duplex living room interior, an artificial grass wall is especially helpful in drawing the eye; use it to emphasise the double-height ceiling or attract attention to a sunken space.

3.    Every Day is a Picnic : Dining Areas with Artificial Grass

The vertical solution is an excellent use of artificial grass for walls within many areas of the home, being functional and wonderfully easy to maintain. It could be the ideal way to give an uneven or awkward dining room wall a nature-inspired glow up, to cover unattractive ducts with a grassy feature, or just as a decorative element to give much needed freshness to a slightly cramped dining area. Or, for that rustic feel, install a turf carpet below a glass dining room table and bring a whimsical charm to mealtimes!

4.    Fake Grass, Real Comfort : Creating a Calm Bedroom

When exploring ways to make a modern bedroom a restorative and rejuvenating space, using artificial grass to create a mini internal garden can be an effortless fix. Just add potted shrubs or flowering plants at contrasting heights and textures to evoke a verdant sanctuary in a corner of your room. A bonus to introducing faux-liage into your bedroom is that artificial turf is allergen free, eliminating hay fever or sinus worries for the susceptible.

5.    Epic Playrooms : Artificial Turf in Kids’ Spaces

Particularly designed to be safe, durable and easy to clean, fake grass is the absolutely perfect fit for a child’s play area. Even on a rainy day or deep within a city, a kid can experience the delight of rolling on or lying in the grass, or the enterprise of camping in a tent, or the perils of a jungle expedition – it just takes a little bit of imaginative room design and you can give your kid the ultimate adventure within their own home.

6.    Installing Artificial Grass in Unusual Places: The Bathroom

As floor space in bathrooms is often limited, go vertical! Synthetic turf pillars or artificial grass for walls in your bathroom give you the sense of inviting nature indoors, while being easy to keep clean. Frame your mirror or shelves with artificial green and inset lights or a small water feature to give your restroom the feeling of a beautiful enchanting arbour. 

7.    A Zen Workspace : Artificial Grass Decoration for Home Offices

If your office space is large enough to allow for a little indulgence, it’s a well known fact that a great way to up productivity is by adding an area for relaxation. This is probably why one of the earliest accepted uses of artificial turf in an indoor space is a mini putting green within a private office. If you’re not fond of golf, you could choose to use the space for a tiny garden retreat instead – installing artificial grass carpeting and a lounge chair behind a screen of potted plants.

8.    An Ever-Green Lawn : Build A No-Fuss Deck Area

The main purpose of a deck is to create the perfect segue between the indoors and outdoors – blending elements of nature with domestic comfort. If your deck has wooden or terracotta floors, using artificial grass between pavers is the ideal design hack, creating a well-loved and classic aesthetic without detrimental levels of moisture retention. Plus given the durable and largely weather proof nature of synthetic turf, using it as a main surface in such a well-trodden area ensures it stays a family-friendly, entertainment-ready space.

Artificial grass for your evergreen lawn area - Beautiful Homes

Artificial grass to add greenery to your terrace & balcony design - Beautiful Homes

9.    A Stress-Free Garden : Artificial Grass for Balcony & Terrace Areas

When it comes to private homes, a lush swathe of lawn provides an immediate visual upgrade that brings to mind afternoon tea-parties, upscale soirees and manicured topiary. But not all of us have the advantages of space, time or even the budget to maintain such a garden. If you don’t have a sprawling home garden at your disposal, there’s still no need to abandon the idea of having a green space. Instead, consider including artificial grass for balcony or terrace areas. Given the benefits of easy installation and low maintenance, while creating the look and feel of inviting green grass, for balcony spaces and smaller outdoor areas 

artificial turf is your best choice. Indeed, creating a small balcony garden with artificial grass, gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with abundant greenery, without sacrificing your relaxation time for lawn care.

The most obvious use for artificial turf is in the outdoors, after all, we’re used to seeing it in stadiums and large sports fields. But, whether you create a small balcony garden with artificial grass lawns, mini-water features, and covered seating; a low-maintenance eco-retreat within the calm privacy of your bedroom; or a fun play-space for the kiddies to run wild in on rainy days – artificial turf allows you to add a touch of lush green into your decor, without the hassles of upkeep that are inextricably linked to real lawns or grassy areas.

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