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Trending wall covering designs for the perfect wall décor

By Ela Das

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A question we’re probably most frequently asked is—what are the tips or important rules to follow to build a beautiful home? And, the only rule we possibly like to follow is not to restrict ourselves with any rules when styling a home. Whether it’s a colour or style, we don’t believe in sticking to just one thing to get it right. And, even with brands, having a collection from only one designer or label can make a home look like a showroom. Instead, we believe in exploring anything that catches our eye and seeing if it fits into our lifestyles and works as an extension of our personalities.

Similarly, while trends may come and go, and it may seem exhausting and wasteful to adapt to every trend that comes our way each season, it’s always interesting to pause and take note of it to see if there’s something new to discover that would work well in your home. This season we look at the place that unknowingly takes up the most space of any room—the walls. With these current wall décor trends you could give a room in your home a quick makeover or get inspired to recreate these style in another way in the house.

A wall décor idea that’s stayed timeless through generations of home owners is moulding which has evolved and changed in style over time but always stayed elegant. While older heritage homes may have more intricate mouldings on the walls, especially closer to the ceiling, resplendent in floral or sinuous curves, newer modern homes have cleaner geometric lines used as decorative trims across the breadths of the walls or ceilings made usually from wood, plaster of Paris, gypsum or other prefabricated materials. But a fresher take on this would be vertical panels of moulding in straight panels to create a geometric panel across the wall.

Interior wall design ideas with molding - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

This trend works in a home…that’s classic and traditional, but looking for a modern twist. While it can work in any room in the house, you could try this in the bedroom or the study to neatly tie the room together.

Different patterns and textures for home walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Whether you like prints with brilliant colours, intricate patterns, fine detailing and unique textures or a mélange of geometric lines paired together to create visual intrigue, if you want a slightly less muted and more maximalist look consider juxtaposing two patterns, textures or geometric prints against each other on a single wall to create a sense of layering and depth. You can either pair a colour-block painted wall with a metallic frame in front of it, match a patterned wallpaper with a cloth screen, or fix a slatted wooden wall with a geometric tiled segment as seen in this bedroom.

This trend will work for you if…you’re looking to add a bold change to a dull space or want to go a step further from simply colour blocking your walls with solid paint colours.

While several wall décor ideas and trends may end up being permanent fixtures in your home (until your next renovation), if you’re someone who likes to regularly give your spaces a fresh change every now and then with a quick makeover then you should consider clearer walls that will serve as a blank canvas to add and layer things on in the future. Whether it’s art, movable screens, a statement piece of furniture or several objects of interior design that you’d like to pair together against a wall, but leaving it in a single tone, shade or muted material, you’re avoiding the risk of making the space too busy or difficult to match with other items in the home.

The best way to adopt this trend…is to get creative—instead of a plain white or conventional cream colour wall try using a muted material or texture to add a subtle yet clever touch of uniqueness, such as this light wood panelling that covers the entire length and breadth of this wall.

Wall décor ideas for home interior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Muse

Fabric wall décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mantra One by Jatin Kapoor

For anyone who loves a multitude of fabrics and doesn’t want to be restricted to using them simply on their bed linens and drapes, look no further than your walls! Not only will you have a larger pool of options for using your favourite fabrics in the room, but you’ll also be creating a cosier space.

This trends work in…the bedroom or the study. However, if your home is prone to a lot of dust or you’re susceptible to allergies, this may require regular cleaning and vacuuming.

When we think of incorporating prints, our upholstery, drapes, linens and rugs come to mind. However, if you’re an appreciator of a good print and looking to blend it into your livings spaces in an eye-catching way, you can include it on your walls, too. With a plethora of wallpaper and decal options available today,  you can pair an intricate pattern on the walls with either solid upholstery on your furniture or a complementing design, as well.

This trend is best for…anyone looking for a quick makeover in a room. While repainting and entire space can be cumbersome, a new roll of wallpaper will give you a quick wall décor change.

Interior wallpaper ideas for home - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Brutalist style wall décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Despite its name, brutalist style is not as scary as it sounds—originating as a post–World War II architecture movement that prioritized raw, unfinished materials to create imposing fortress-like structures, the aesthetic filled a need for low-cost rebuilding using durable materials that could provide protection against foreign attacks. And, now, this movement is making its comeback as the new form of minimalism. If you’re not quite sure how to incorporate it in your décor, try it on your walls.

To incorporate this trend…try raw concrete on your walls to create a look that’s inexpensive, fuss-free and provides a utilitarian aesthetic.

There’s nothing grander than a house with hardwood flooring—not only is it an aesthetic treat, but it immediately gives the home a rich, regal look. But if you love the look of raw quality wood, why restrict yourself only to the floors? Your wood detailing can extend up to your walls, too, as accent points and mouldings, or even across the entire breadth of the wall.

This trend works well in…homes that are at a higher altitude to provide both structure and insulation during long harsh cold winters.

Hard wood wall design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mantra One by Jatin Kapoor

Textures for house walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitalwala

An easy trick to add a burst of vibrance to any room is always colour blocking—be it with your furnishings, your accessories or, most commonly, on your walls. The process of colour blocking is simple, involving a juxtaposition of opposing bold colours, prints, textures or patterns paired together to create a unique look. Conventionally, most wall décor ideas that involve colour blocking solid shades with one another—however, this season, try something different by picking a bold accent colour for one wall and adding some texture or interior wall design detailing to it.

This trend works for…anyone who wants a big change but still doesn’t want to step out of their comfort zone. In this room, for example, we find a largely muted palette dominated by white. The electric blue wall with vertical lines immediately draws the eye’s attention, but is softened by the black and white photo frames that extend the overarching muted décor. 

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