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Trending themes in interior design

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The past two years have informed how we interact with our homes as we move toward pre-pandemic normalcy- hybrid working situations, back to school, travelling and reconnecting with nature. Comfort remains at the forefront of all interior design themes. Even so, more and more people are now willing to experiment and infuse their unique personalities in their homes.

1.    Sustainable Setup

Over the last few years, environmentalism has had a significant impact on the industry. And so, sustainability continues to be at the forefront of different interior design themes. Not only is it trendy, but it is a better long term approach as well.

Make sustainable choices for your home interiors with these tips:
●    Reuse, repurpose or donate when you can. Throwing away perfectly good items just because they are plastic is more harmful than continuing
      to use them.

●    Make conscious choices when you buy. Opt for sustainable materials from verified sellers. This would include repurposed pieces, recycled
       items, biodegradable and recyclable pieces. Choose appliance and lighting options that have lower energy consumption for a sustainable
       home design.

●    In terms of paints and other finishes, non-toxic, plant-based and low biocide are eco-friendly options for a sustainable interior design.

2.    Mixing many styles

For many, one interior design style alone can be restrictive. At the same time, many others may like some features of a style and not others. And when you want interiors that reflect your personality and uniqueness, it is no wonder to see people mixing different styles and materials. Additionally, as people move towards sustainability, many vintage pieces from the mid-century modern theme interior design, art deco and retro styles, etc biophilic or nature-loving design aims to harness the healing powers of nature in constructed environments. Natural materials, biomorphic shapes and patterns, natural light, becoming mainstream.

Mix & match with interior design styles for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Laci_10/ shutterstock

3.    Biophilic interior designs

Plants and nature-inspired colours are the defining features. Since this style has so much in common with rustic theme interiors, you can easily combine the two. The goal is to create a tangible connection to nature.

Some ways to incorporate these interior design themes into your homes consider home gardens, green interiors, natural textures, fireplace, water features and furniture and décor with organic shapes. Include botanical and animal motifs in your biophilic interior design themes.

4.    Bold patterns and colours

Patterns and colours are great ways to showcase your personality in home interior designs. Don't shy away from experimenting. You can start small and see what you like and what fits in the space. Artwork, posters, and photographs are easy starts. If you have neutral or achromatic interiors, add interest with colourful pillows or cushions, patterned rugs or table runners, etc.

If you're ready to go all out, look for colour scheme inspirations and build towards your vision. Coloured or wallpapered walls, tons of artwork, patterned upholstery and textiles, and mixing materials are a few ways to get started.

Living room with multifunctional interior design theme - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, New Africa/ shutterstock

5.    Multifunctional spaces

Having stayed indoors for the better part of two years has resulted in a greater understanding of what we need from our spaces for both interior designers and homeowners. The focus remains on turning our homes into spaces where we'd actually like to spend time- a haven.

Since many now prefer to work from the comfort of their homes, carving out sections for home offices or studies continues to be a priority. Additionally, multifunctionality is just more practical for those looking to downsize or ones with smaller floor plans. The focus is then on acquiring pieces that are versatile and adaptable. For example, a pull-out couch, a study table that can double up as a vanity and so on.

6.    Popular interior themes- Curved lines

The softness of curves and rounded edges is gaining popularity in patterns, furniture, and architecture. In interiors, they read as light, comfortable and welcoming and can add to the calming vibe of the rooms. Shape angles and straight lines may seem too bold for some. Curved lines, when done right, can enhance the continuity in a space, making it more visually appealing. These are influences from the Art deco and mid-century modern styles.

7.    Different Interior Design Themes- Colour

Changing up the colours in your home is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to give it a make-over. You can add to your interiors these popular colours through painted walls, accent walls, painted furniture, some décor or textiles.

●    The Pantone colour of the year, Veri Peri, is versatile. It can be paired with neutrals or an achromatic base to add pops of colour. When
       combined with reds, its peppy nature is highlighted. Whereas with blues and greens, it has a soothing effect.

●    Green is associated with nature, rejuvenation and growth. It is no wonder that it is a much sought-after hue in home decoration themes. Look
       for natural and soothing tones such as sage, mint, jade and emerald.

●    Earth tones and natural neutrals are classics that are here to stay. Warm and rich undertones make them an excellent base for any colour
       scheme or interior design style. Taupes, greige, sandy shades, browns, etc., will be the preferred options.

●    Even with brighter hues such as primaries, pinks, orange and so on, many will favour muted, toned down and dusty shades for more calming

8.    Home Decoration Theme- It is all about texture

Multisensory experience of the interiors is becoming a cornerstone of modern theme interior design. And adding tactile elements is a trending theme. Texture can be used to your advantage in multiple ways:
●    It adds visual intrigue

●    You can use it to define any types of themes in interior design

●    Each texture is associated with a different vibe, for example, plush and tufted with luxury, soft with comfort and cosiness, coarse with warmth
       and rustic, etc.

●    Tactile elements also make interiors more accessible for the differently-abled and children.

9.    Travel inspired interior themes

Since people can travel again, it is obvious that this will reflect in their interiors, especially through furnishings and décor. Every place you visit is a source of inspiration. This is much like bohemian and eclectic interior design styles where each piece is celebrated for its beauty. Momentos from travels used for décor, pictures going up on the gallery wall, bringing back an element from the new culture (rugs, pouffes, textiles, etc.) are some ways in which memories from other lands can be incorporated into your homes.

Theme Based Interior Design For Each Room

Here is a round-up of trending themes for each room in your house.

1.    Living Room Interior Design Theme

●    Colourful and personality-driven décor and furnishings with
      bold statements
●    Biophilic design elements
●    Mixing of materials and styles
●    A sophisticated combination of the vintage and the new
●    Multifunctional spaces and furniture for living room

2.    Bedroom Interior Design Theme

●    Sustainable materials for bedroom design
●    Soft and cosy bedding
●    Bold colours and patterns
●    Biomorphic shapes

Minimalistic living room interior design theme - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixel-Shot/ shutterstock

●    Statement headboards
●    Focus on home interior themes for guest rooms

3.    Trendy Theme Based Interior Design For Kitchen

●    Smart tech
●    Sleek contemporary kitchen designs
●    Combining different materials and finishes
●    All black kitchens with metal accents
●    Statement countertops
●    Experimental and diverse backsplashes
●    Multipurpose layouts
●    Dedicated pantry space

4.    Home Interior Themes For Bathrooms

●       Hi-tech showerheads for bathroom design
●       Colourful furnishings and fixtures
●       Patterned tiled floors and walls
●       Freestanding sinks/basins
●       Adding texture with terrazzo, fluted material, etc.
●       Modern light fixtures
●       Energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures
●       Plant accents

6.    Home Interior Themes For Children's Rooms

●       Interesting wallpapers and magical murals
●       Soft lighting
●       Breathable textiles
●       Neutrals with accents and pastel hues
●       Many tactile elements
●       Functional décor
●       Dedicated nook for study or play for kid’s room

Living room with rustic interior design theme - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, united photo studio/ shutterstock

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