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3 times black walls worked like magic


The black wall trend is here to stay. We show you four stunning examples

Lately black walls have taken over Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds as home owners start to experiment  with wall colour. We show you three stunning examples of black walls that work in home interior.

1.     Parul Sheth Residence, Mumbai:

Home owner Parul Sheth whose home we covered here says the decision to use black came naturally to her because it felt as pure a colour to her as white.  


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2.     Mama Shelter, Paris:

This boho chic Parisian hotel has been designed by Philippe Starck and fuses black grungy walls with stunning gold lettering to stunning effect. A great idea to combine dark walls with lettering in tones of gold.

3.     Monochrome Look:

If you don’t want to take a chance with an entire wall full of black paint, consider painting just one niche at a time to create a statement wall panel. With the rest of the monochrome look, the black wall looks just right, without overdoing the intensity of the decor.


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