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Smart home features are becoming the defining features of our era. Smart interiors are the nexus of design and technology where functionality, efficiency and aesthetics have equal priority. Home automation systems and smart home devices are still evolving and can be unaffordable for many. As there are more advancements in smart home solutions and more companies enter the market, smart homes will become the norm.

What are smart homes?

Internet of things technology offers a wide selection of systems and devices that allow you to control various aspects of your home remotely or through a single interface or system. Lighting, cleaners, security systems, and thermostats are just a few applications. The added convenience, ergonomics and comfort are a boon for many.

Before we move on, here's some terminological clarification that might be helpful. A smart house need not have home automation. It can just be many smart home devices and home gadgets connected to your phones or other systems that allow you to control them. For example, smart lamps, curtains, vacuum cleaners, etc.

On the other hand, with home automation, you have smart products that have sensorised technology. This enables the smart house to learn the inhabitants' routines and habits and optimise and customise all functionality for efficiency. Thus, a smart home may or may not be automated. And automation is an add-on or augmentation to smart homes.

Smart interior design tips

By controlling the various aspects of home environments, you truly are creating custom interior designs for your home. Create a proper multisensorial environment using smart home tech by controlling the air quality, temperature, aesthetics and other functionality. Here are a few popular smart home devices, gadgets and appliances that you can incorporate into your smart interiors.

1. Smart lights for home

Lighting is crucial to develop a specific mood and atmosphere in interiors. It can affect our moods, energy levels, etc. It makes sense to have lighting options that you can control to create the perfect ambience. Any smart home design is incomplete without smart illumination.

Many lighting options now have sensors and can be taught to function a certain way. Group multiple bulbs effectively set the tone for any activity- movie night, game night with friends, a romantic dinner, family parties and so on. All you have to do is click a button to set the right hue and brightness.

Lighting with motion sensors is great for children's rooms and hallways if someone needs to walk to the washroom. Lighting with brightness sensors will self-regulate depending on the natural lighting in the room.

Another important aspect of lighting in a home is the regulation of natural light. Smart curtains are pretty useful in this regard. Using the geolocation on your phone, it can detect if you're away from home and close up. You can set specific timers or schedules, for example, if you want to wake up with the sunrise, or if you're going to keep out the harsh afternoon sun and so on.

2. Temperature and air quality control in smart home design

●    Thermostats: Thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home. Some brands have device options where you can customise the
       temperature of each room individually. You can, of course, control them through personal devices or the home network it is connected to.
       With models that are sensored, the thermostat will, over time, collect data based on your use and learn to adjust the temperature

●    Vents function the same as thermostats and work to maintain the temperature of each room by regulating the airflow. Some can be
       connected to thermostats, and the two work in conjunction.

●    Smart ceiling fans such as the ones from Haiku can detect when there are people in the room. It will switch on as soon as it detects people
       and switches off when no one is in the room.

●    Smart air humidifiers are a great option if you live in a dry region or dry air causes health issues. Some models can directly be connected to
       your water supply so that there's no hassle of constantly having to refill the machine. Most can be controlled through devices or home
       systems where you can set the desired humidity levels.

3. Smart home design- Multi-room audio

Just as the lighting in homes can affect our mood, so can the sound. A single audio system for the entire room is an excellent smart interior option. While installation might be challenging, the result is much more rewarding. You can either use invisible speakers or custom ones to match the décor of each room in the house.

Your favourite music, podcasts and audiobooks are just a click away. You can access the system from anywhere through your phone or tablet. Choose to play music only in one room or multiple, or pick something different for each room. The experience is seamless using a single interface. You can now have a singalong session while showering, listen to your favourite book while you finish up some chores, catch up on the news in your downtime, and more.

4. Smart home solutions for the kitchen

Most smart kitchen appliances now monitor energy consumption and give you regular updates regarding functionality. Smart refrigerators now have many nifty features. These, of course, vary by brand. Here's a list of some features you might want in your fridge:

●    Transparent touch screen doors so that you can view the inside without having to open 

●    A digital alternative to traditional post-its so that you can leave notes for your family members

●    Many models allow you to control the temperature of each section.

●    Some have interior cameras that allow you to take a screenshot of the inside. This is quite handy when you go grocery shopping.

Faucets, sinks, stoves, and ovens are other appliances now available in smart functionality.

Since the kitchen is arguably the most used space in the home, it is only apt to have multiple plugs for the appliances and personal devices. Hide them under the kitchen island or the dining area, in drawers or under cabinets for a sleek look.

5. Security and safety systems in smart gadget home

This is the most obvious use of smart home technology. With smart locks, video doorbells, and indoor cameras, you can keep a watchful eye on everything happening in and outside your home. You no longer have to worry about security with these smart solutions.

In addition to these security features, you can have additional gadgets that can ensure the safety of your family and home. Many smoke detection systems now have the option to pair it with your smartphones. It will alert you when things get unsafe or if the battery is low. Some versions can now also check for carbon monoxide and the overall air quality.

Build a smart home safety & security with smart home devices - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, aslysun/ shutterstock

Some sensors can detect water leaks and moulds. They check for temperature and humidity levels and will alert you on the connected smart device if there is a cause for concern. 


Smart home solutions with home automation - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, zhu difeng/ shutterstock

Benefits of smart home solutions and smart devices

●       With a smartspace interior, you can capitalise on the space in
          your home. Smart devices and gadgets are generally sleek
          and inconspicuous. Since they do not take up much space
          and can be connected through wireless technology or
          invisible integration, you have more room to work within
          your interior design.

●    With smart homes, the design can be more balanced between
       all rooms since appliances and devices are digitally connected
       to a single system and centrally integrated. No one room
       needs to be prioritised in terms of technology.

●    With sensorised devices, you can always be assured of your safety.

●    Air control tech helps maintain the quality of the environment in the home and thereby has great benefits to your health.

●    Most appliances are energy efficient, and many can self regulate energy consumption.

●    You no longer have to expend time or energy over many chores and tasks as many can be controlled remotely.

●    Smart gadget homes are more accessible for differently-abled people, older people, and those with other chronic conditions. They rely on
       technology to help with daily tasks and routines. Additionally, there are multiple ways to interact with the system- through a personal device,
       voice activation, etc.

How can Beautiful Homes help you with creating a smart home for you?

At Beautiful Homes, we provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design needs. Visit our website to check various options offered and the projects executed by us so far. You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution or walk into any of our stores across India to know more about our offerings. Our experts are dedicated to providing a personalised experience unique to each customer. Our current home stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

Smart home design with smart home automation devices - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, zhu difeng/ shutterstock

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