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Most beautiful indoor swimming pools for you

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Having an indoor swimming pool is as important (and more fun) as having a private gym space at home. Not only is swimming one of the healthiest forms of exercising but also the best venue for a house party. And given the times we live in, and the uncertainty of times to come, having an indoor pool at home sounds like the perfect investment one can think of.

Before you consider going for one you must keep in mind that maintaining a swimming pool is not an easy task. However, if that aspect is taken care of, let’s dive in (literally, later) to some of the most refreshing indoor swimming pool design ideas for you to take cues from.


If the space is for fun retreats and get togethers, why stick to the boring rectangles? A pool with varied depths and width that serves people of all ages is a must have for family homes. Add some white furniture and enjoy a summer filled with quality time with your loved ones.

Spacious indoor swimming pool with varied depths & width for a family home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, pics721/ shutterstock.com

Use your small home interior space for indoor swimming pool with garden space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, britt gaiser/ Unsplash

If you have a limited space available for a pool and your primary reason for getting one set up is for swimming, you should consider utilizing most of the available space for the pool, leaving just enough space on its circumference for your feet. This is also a great way to go about it if you have the luxury of a garden space right next to the pool. You can, in a jump, soak in the sun as well as swim through the waters.

If you have a farm house in the middle of the greens, you may consider getting a small pool to balance the sun out. The wooden ceiling and walls truly add the magic and warmth to this small indoor swimming pool. The space on its sides can allow you to get some outdoor furniture and turn this into a stunning breakfast spot, to have a beautiful waking day, everyday.

Beautiful tree house indoor swimming pool in a farm house design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, pics721/ shutterstock.com

Make your interior design elegant with a private indoor swimming pool along with décor items - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Deconstruct

A swim during which, you can only hear your heartbeat. A place where you can just float to meditate after a long day at work. A space with earthy hues, stone walls and wooden decks. If this sounds like the pool you would enjoy, this indoor swimming pool design will surely help you navigate your way through designing the perfect one.

If your primary reason for getting a pool is lap practice, you must consider the length of the pool to be as per your needs. While the brick walls and wooden ceiling keep this space bright yet grounded, the blue waters surely instill a refreshing feeling, enough to get you all pumped up for practice.

Contemporary swimming pool design in home interior for lap practices - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, pics721/ shutterstock.com

Use your home's verandah for making an indoor swimming pool for a functional home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, jonathan borba/ Unsplash

Think of a verandah covered with a glass ceiling. Blue sky on top, blue waters below. A beautiful mix, perfect for brunch parties as well as stargazing. If you are having a hard time deciding between indoor and outdoor pools, this surely must sound like the solution.

Perfect for family vacation homes, this indoor swimming pool design caters to the two feelings one takes a vacation for in the first place, rejuvenation and rejoicing. While the wide space indoors allows mingling as well as enough space for a dozen of individuals, the glass doors help the space look more spacious than it is. The wooden ceiling adds warmth and balances out the excess light flooding in from both sides.

Make your vacation home interiors fun with indoor swimming pool design for all - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Marko Poplasen/ shutterstock.com

Modern home design interior having a clear blue swimming pool with white interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, kolya korzh/ Unsplash

If you enjoy how snow makes you feel, going for an enclosed, all white interior with a blue swimming pool in the center might be more enticing to you than any other design. Modern in approach, this design tends to cast a relaxing spell through the picture itself. Imagine spending an hour here every day!

Having enough space for a large pool as well as scope for gatherings is a blessing. And if you are blessed with it, you must consider sliding doors wherever possible to let natural light do the trick of making it feel like a summer home. While wooden ceilings seem to be winning in indoor swimming pool designs, the rest is your plain canvas. And if you need any assistance designing your indoor swimming pool, Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints is just a call away. From mapping out your dream design to opening the doors to your final space, they can take care of it all.

Simple home interior design with indoor swimming pool for gatherings & events - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, alexandre zveiger/ shutterstock.com

Install glass doors to welcome natural sunlight into your indoor swimming pool - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, alexandre zveiger/ shutterstock.com

By now we know how glass doors help indoor swimming pools feel breezier and this is another testament to the advice. Keeping the pool space exclusively accessible for swimming, the garden right next to it will make your home design as inviting and fun as a beautiful Sunday morning feels. 


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