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Introduction to POP Ceiling Design

POP or “Plaster of Paris” designs have become a popular addition to home interiors for wall trims, false ceilings, and accent décor. POP is a white powder of semi-dehydrated gypsum which is a heat-resistant, lightweight material that when mixed with water can be used to create beautiful POP ceiling designs. POP ceilings can be installed during the construction process or can be added on later.

POP ceilings have several advantages as they are very durable and show little to no signs of wear and tear for years. They are great to hide pipes and wires and can even be constructed to hide damage to the ceiling. They are weather-resistant, low maintenance and provide insulation from heat and from cold. They do not cost much and can enhance the decor of any room.

The plus minus POP design false ceilings is the latest craze because of how good they look and how versatile they are. In a plus minus ceiling design, some of the decorative elements are tucked in and some of it protrudes out to create surreal designs that instantly attracts attention and helps a room go from plain to extraordinary.

Plus Minus POP Design for your home

The plus minus POP ceiling design can be used to decorate any room in the house and depending on the room, you can decide on the style and theme you want to go with. The kind of design that you want can be ornate and intricate in luxurious and opulent spaces, and sleek and minimalistic for smaller spaces. It can be enhanced with lighting, colours, shapes and designs that can be simple and add to the existing décor, or be grand and become the focal point of the room.

Here are some great ways that plus minus POP ceiling designs can be used effectively in any room of the house to enhance the décor.

Modern plus minus POP design for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

1.    Exquisite bedroom modern pop plus minus design

Elegant plus minus ceiling design for bedroom

Floral patterns in lovely pastel shades are an elegant design for a bedroom plus minus false ceiling. It can be designed to match the colour of the room and darker shades of the same colours can be used in bed linen and window treatments. For a simpler, classier feel, just the border of the false ceiling can be decorated with tiny floral motifs. This will be less fussy and is a great idea for small bedrooms.

Bedroom modern plus minus pop design

For a more modern interior, gorgeous POP design for bedrooms moulded in eye-catching patterns can be imprinted on the false ceiling. The same abstract designs can be echoed in the linen and upholstery. Curves, arcs, and circles are also popular patterns as are tiled glass panes, acrylic and decorative lighting.

2.    Gorgeous plus minus pop design for hall

Ornate plus minus ceiling design for living room

POP false ceilings with ornate cornice designs are very ornamental and will make any visitor sit up and take notice. In large spaces which need extra accents, intricate POP detailing with a dazzling chandelier suspended from a central floral design can create an effect of opulence and elegance.

Modern tray plus minus ceiling design for living room

One of the latest crazes in POP false ceilings is the ‘tray’ POP design for your living room. This has a layered effect and the edges of the layer are lower than the rest of the ceiling, making it look like a tray. In a smaller living room that is contemporary and modern, this kind of false ceiling offers a neater and minimal look. Adding cove lighting along the edges also adds height to the room. The tray can be edged with simple designs like a swirl or dainty flowers to add extra detailing.

Modern plus minus design for your dining room ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

3.    New modern pop plus minus design for dining room ceiling

A person needs to be able to see and appreciate the delicious food that they are being served. Therefore, lighting is an important part of dining room décor and POP ceiling designs can be used effectively with lighting to not only enhance the appearance of the dining room but also enrich the dining experience.

A two layered ceiling with recessed lighting between the layers can look impressive in a dining room false ceiling. Another popular trend in dining room interior decor is hanging mismatched lighting fixtures from a POP false ceiling right over the dining table. A tray design with a mounted layer and suspended light fixtures adds a sleek and sophisticated ambience to the dining area.

4.    Plus minus pop design with colour for kid’s room

When designing a kid’s room, the choices for a POP false ceiling are limitless. You can make a pretty, floral theme in pastel colours for a teenage girl’s room or a bolder design with geometrical patterns for a boy’s room. It can be themed according to the child's hobbies or interests and can be designed as a football field for a sporty child, the Gryffindor common room for a Harry Potter fan or as an ethereal fairyland for the Barbie fan.

5.    Best plus minus pop design for puja room ceiling

One of the most beautiful aspects of Indian temples is the intricately carved and decorated ceilings. With POP plus minus false ceilings, you can achieve the same look in your humble puja room at home and elevate it to another level.

You can create an ornate, extravagantly detailed false ceiling design for a large puja room by recreating the entire Mahabharata or all the avatars of Lakshmi on the ceiling. Or you can give your small pooja room a simpler and more contemporary look with simple leaf and floral borders. Bells and chandeliers can be hung from the false ceiling to accent the detailed designs.

Plus minus design for your puja room interiors - Beautiful Homes

6.    Kitchen modern pop plus minus design

Sometimes the easiest way to upgrade your kitchen space is to add a false ceiling, A kitchen should have impeccable lighting to enhance the cooking experience and the false ceiling helps to optimize this. By adding ample lighting in the false ceiling, light will reach all areas of the kitchen. It is also a great way to hide all the extra wiring and piping that a kitchen usually has.

7.    Trendy bathroom pop design plus minus ceiling design

Bathrooms POP false ceilings can change the look of the space from mundane to extraordinary. Adding POP curves, swirls, cones or waves in light colours on the ceilings can look very appealing in a contemporary bathroom. Arches and floral decoration with bold coloured accents can give big bathrooms a more luxurious look.

8.    Winsome plus minus pop design for lobby

A lobby is the first space a visitor sees when they walk into your home. It should be stunning and a well-designed false ceiling helps achieve that. A plus minus POP design using decorative patterns and accented with antique metal sconces and mirrors on the walls in ornate frames will give your foyer an old-world charm.

9.    Modern pop plus minus design for porch

Just because they are outside areas doesn't mean that the balconies or porches in your home don't deserve a false ceiling. A simple lattice work patterned POP design will make your porch really stand out. Include arches and pillars to make it even more charming.

Modern Plus minus design for your porch design - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes help you to design the latest plus minus ceiling design?

At Beautiful Homes, every project starts by understanding the client, their visions, lifestyle and taste. Creating your custom-tailored living is a journey and we want to make every part of the journey from discussing your vision to planning concepts and selecting material an enjoyable experience. Every one of our interior design projects starts with a consultation with our experienced design team. Whether it is a whole house renovation, a room makeover or a signature false ceiling, you are in capable hands. Together, we will arrive at a perfect combination of colours, textures, lighting, and design to give you an exquisite result.

When you choose us to do plus minus pop design for room, our design team will explore the design concept with you, and help you select the finest materials and details. We will manage every step of the process, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. The custom-tailored plus minus pop design for room will be the exact statement piece that you need to enhance the decor of your space.

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